Friday, December 16, 2005

Former Kosovo rebel Limaj calls for unity in address to Assembly

Excerpt from report by Radio-Television Kosovo TV on 15 December

[Announcer] Today's Kosovo Assembly session started with an address by the former head of the PDK [Democratic Party of Kosovo] parliamentary group, Fatmir Limaj [acquitted by the Hague tribunal in November 2005 of torturing and murdering Serbian and Albanian civilians at a prison camp during the 1998-99 war].

[Reporter] After three years of absence in the Kosovo Assembly, the former deputy called for unity within the Kosovo Assembly. He added that cooperation between Albanians is not difficult and can be achieved very quickly; all that is needed is engagement, something that should be the principle of every deputy and Kosovo citizen.

[Fatmir Limaj] We should never be afraid of telling the majority population of Kosovo that Kosovo will never be happy, nor will it be democratic, if even one citizen of another ethnicity feels ignored or oppressed as a result of the majority. [Passage omitted]

Therefore we have to be the ones who carry the burden of the process of coexistence between all Kosovo citizens, regardless of ethnic or religious background. Not for one group, or one ethnicity, regardless how big or small it is, but for the good of Kosovo and its future. In the name of Kosovo and for Kosovo, we have to be ready to do everything to be able to fulfil our long-awaited ideals. Let us unify our stances, we need true unity, a unity that will produce results and all we need for this is some will to do so. The Assembly and the institutions have to be more active in fighting the indictments against former Kosovo Liberation Army [KLA] soldiers. All of Kosovo should be on their side because in this way we take the side of justice.

[Reporter] Kosovo assembly Speaker Nexhat Daci said that the people of Kosovo, political parties and the region have back in their midst a person who has proved in a dignified manner his engagement for Kosovo's freedom and who has throughout his political life spread the breath of tolerance and understanding.


illyrianboy said...

[Fatmir Limaj] We should never be afraid of telling the majority population of Kosovo that Kosovo will never be happy, nor will it be democratic, if even one citizen of another ethnicity feels ignored or oppressed as a result of the majority.


ivan said...


what about 100k Serbs who should feel ignored or oppressed as a result of the Albanian majority in Kosovo. Or 200K that lost their homes as a result of majority Albanian oppression. Next time, think before you write please.



Titan said...

They're welcome to return, if they didn't participate in the masive population expel. From the serbs that i knew in Prishtina, maybe 0.5% did not participate that process. They know this, that's why they're afraid to return!!

ivan said...


how do you intend to prove that somebody has participated in "massive population expell"? Do you have any court systems to support that, or will it be blood revenge? what if you revenge on an innocent person? You want independence, but you have no system in your mind or your culture to make a modern independent country. OR let me ask you one more thing, will you kill children as well. Because a lot of refugees from Kosovo in Serbia are children. Maybe in their pampers the evil Serbian babies managed to partcipate in "massive population expell". I wouldnt be surprised, since your so "innocent " Kosovo Albanians are known to throw rocks at buses transporting children to school.

Titan said...

Ivan -
You can speak about the city where you were born and raised. Your comments indicate that you don't have a clue about Kosova. Prishtina is small city and you can basiclly know the people. I knew almost all serbs in my age, we even went to concerts together before your nations historic goals came to surface.
In contrary to your wishes and inteds, there are curt systems developing, they're obviously better then your comunist courts in Serbia. Everything will go through them. No one will avoid the scanning, and this is why your fellows are afraid of. They're welcome to return, again. However, everyone will pay for what he/she did, and let me remind you again, this is why courts exist.

ivan said...

Titan ,

I am really "impressed" by your court systems. I didnt hear anybody being cought for any of the murders made on the serbians. Could you please fill me in?

How do you know that somebody commited a crime. Did you see all of your Serbian friends kill an albanian, or is this one of your rumors like, "Hasim heard, that Ibrahim thought that Mehmet saw, Dragan watch a killing of an innocent albaninan new born baby"

Titan said...


yep, you can tell, you're from shumadia.


Mir said...

Yep and I can tell you're out of a comeback :p

Titan said...

mir - did your parents bought you presents for new years? go have fun with sumadijski sladoled..

ivan said...


whats so special with shumadijski sladoled? FYI, I am from Belgrade.

illyrianboy said...

Hey ivan,

if you read my first post carefully I think you would agree with it. Cos it talks about how nobody should be oppressed.
But I dont expect you to understand anything. You only come to this blog to try rebuff anything that people say here. And to try to prove that we have no culture and etc. You say you are form Belgrade but you sound like you have never seen a city all your life. Your racism is appalling. But there is racist people in Bg too.

Relax buddy, lighten up.