Thursday, December 15, 2005

No return to old situation in Kosovo, Albanian foreign minister warns Serbia

Tirana, 14 December: Serbia must get used to the idea that there is no return to the old situation in Kosovo and that the result of this will be independence; and the whole of Kosovo society must understand that independence is not achieved in one day, but is a process to which a number of conditions will be attached. This has been stated by Albanian Foreign Minister Besnik Mustafaj.

In an interview with the BETA agency, Mustafaj detailed the conditions for independence as the inviolability of borders, the indivisibility of Kosovo, an international civilian and military presence, a strong legal state, and guarantees for the rights of all minorities in accordance with international standards.

Comparing the stance of his own government on the status of Kosovo and that of the previous cabinet of Prime Minister Fatos Nano, whose general position was "respect for the free will of the people of Kosovo", Mustafaj said that the current government, unlike Nano's, "who spoke rather from a distance", tried to be close to events, to watch them closely and to encourage them " [ellipses as received throughout]

The Albanian foreign minister made it clear that the current government agreed with the previous one on respect for the will of the people of Kosovo, but that it was the view of the present cabinet that a range of other factors had to be taken into account when defining the status of Kosovo: the population of Kosovo, "Albanians and others who live in Kosovo", the international factor, and "of course Serbia, which is part of the negotiations on the future of Kosovo".

"The mass of these facts and their placement on the negotiating table makes the idea of compromise necessary, which means that we must all give a little," said Mustafaj, stressing that an independent Kosovo made sense only as a democratic society.

Asked how long he thought a Kosovo with conditional independence (with an international presence), as favoured by Tirana, would last, Mustafaj said that this could not be forecast in Tirana or Belgrade, but only in Pristina. "This means that the main negotiators and those are the political and institutional factors of Kosovo together with the international community will define how long there needs to be an international presence, which will have the task there of helping to strengthen Kosovo and its institutions At the juncture when Kosovo, with its institutions, political class and public administration, really is finally prepared to manage its own independence, then that international presence will no longer be necessary," said Mustafaj.

Asked whether he believed that Kosovo would be stable and that the minorities would be protected in this period, bearing in mind that there were still ethnic tensions, the Albanian foreign minister expressed the view that ethnic tensions were on the decrease, "which means that they will be eliminated, and independence will be viable since it serves all sides. It will serve both the Albanians as well as the Serbs and other minorities."

"It is much better to have a common democratic reality in an independent Kosovo, than a Kosovo that will not be independent," said Mustafaj.

Asked to comment on the assessment delivered by officials from Serbia-Montenegro at the United Nations General Assembly in October to the effect that Tirana's stance on conditional independence before negotiations on Kosovo's status started was prejudging its status, Mustafaj said that he did not believe that "they consider this to be prejudging things: by saying this they are really trying to hide their own conviction that this is what will happen."

"As a politician of what is viable, and by analysing all the options that can be discussed in Kosovo, I have come to the conclusion that the most viable and realistic option is conditional independence, which could also be called limited, associated, guaranteed or some other adjectives to which you might attach to it," said Mustafaj.

"As soon as it saw that a viable formula had been identified, Belgrade came out against it, since it feels more secure in a process that starts with maximalist formulations that are utopian and unacceptable to one side or the other, but between those sides I especially bear in mind the international community and the Albanian factors in Kosovo," he said.

"I advocate a realistic policy, and realistic policies usually do not please people or evoke a reaction on the part of those who do not want problems to be resolved," Mustafaj added.

Relations between Albania, SCG

Speaking about the relations between Tirana and Belgrade in the context of disagreements over Kosovo's status, the Albanian foreign minister answered that he was convinced that these relations should be a priority for both countries, since they were in the interests of both, as well as in the interests of the whole region. He said that Albania was determined not to make relations with Belgrade conditional on its stance towards Kosovo, but he demanded that Belgrade do the same.

The Albanian foreign minister expressed satisfaction with the "evolution" of the stance of his "colleague and friend" Vuk Draskovic towards such a concept, noting that when they met in Strasbourg recently Draskovic also voiced the opinion that Tirana and Belgrade should extend their relations in all fields regardless of the stance that Tirana and Belgrade would adopt individually with regard to the negotiations on Kosovo.

Asked whether fears of the creation of a so-called Greater Albania were justified, Mustafaj replied that these were "phantom ideas" that did not merit attention and had not been created "in Albanian fortresses".

"The concept of a Greater Albania is product of the media, although definitely not the Albanian media, a concept that is not an integral part of the current political or historical Albanian vocabulary. When we make it clear in advance that we stand for conditional independence, then we are acknowledging in advance that there can be no change in borders nor in Kosovo's relation with Albania, just as there should be no change in Kosovo's relation with Serbia-Montenegro," he said.

Asked whether Tirana was satisfied with the position of the Albanians in the municipalities in southern Serbia in Presevo, Bujanovac and Medvedja and with Belgrade's efforts to involve them in Serbia's political life, Mustafaj said that he would not wish to give a final opinion on the matter.

"I think that the dissatisfaction that is evident among the Albanians in the municipalities in the Presevo Valley is a reflection of a reality with which they do not sufficiently agree. In other words, if there were a genuine wish on the part of Belgrade for them to be integrated into political life and for the development of these municipalities, then this should be noticed first by their inhabitants, and by the representatives of those citizens," said Mustafaj.

He added that intensive work should be carried out to foster this integration, both by Belgrade and by the international community, and that Tirana was prepared to encourage and influence the Albanians from the Presevo Valley "to be serious in their activities so that they take their fate into their own hands, within the framework of the constitutional norms and international standards".

Asked whether as a minister and man of letters he got on well with his colleague, minister and man of letters Vuk Draskovic, Mustafaj said that their relations were "very proper, not to say friendly."

He said that at all their meetings he and Draskovic exchanged views calmly and without tension, without any particular emotions of the type of "the early period when the ministers of Albania and Serbia used to hold talks".

"This is a very important basis for our work to have positive results. I try to respond in the same way, in a friendly spirit, so that we can further promote our communication," said the Albanian foreign minister, Besnik Mustafaj, in his BETA interview.

Source: Beta news agency, Belgrade, in Serbian 1158 gmt 14 Dec 05


zotrules said...

Isn't this the very same Vuk Draskovic that used to plead the world's public opinion to believe the serbian media and government when they said that Slobodan was not killing albanians but just some muslim rascals and terrorists of al Qaeda fighting in Serbia?
It's not the very same Vuk(wolf) who has declared openly that Serbia was in its right to protect the so presumed cradle of serbian culture by ousting all albanians out? Isn't it the same Vuk that denied every involvement of serbs in the massacres of Kosova? Isn't it the same Vuk, whose words were literally: "please, please, please you've got to believe us, not albanians, please, we only try to protect the albanian civilians in Kosovo, please believe us, not the albanian terrorists..."!?!?!?!????
Isn't this the very same Vuk that on his visit in Tirana wanted prostitutes to be sneaked into his suite?(though allegedly didn't succeed)
The same Vuk that's today the foreign minister of such a heavy culture-equipped nation?
Why don't you give us a break, God damn it! Let serbs to continue into their path of cruelty, barbarism and self destruction. At least they're in full cohesion with other european modern nations; France, Italy, Spain etc...

Cvijus011 said...

Who is the Albanian foreing minister to judge and decide which will be the future of Kosovo-Metohija, as if it were his?

arianit said...


Pardon my language but I had a question for you: Who the fuck are you to decide whether I should live free or not?

Neither Albanian Foregin Minister or his genocide-inspiring, paramilitary-leading Serb criminal counterpart will decide about the fate of my country.

Now fuck off!

P.S. I have never heard of a prostitute (in this case Milosebiatch's) soliciting another prostitute.

Cvijus011 said...

To arianit:

If you want to live free than go to Albania, don't take Serbian lands with you greedy bloody hands.
Didn't you live free in Serbia? Didn't you have your civic freedoms until the UCK terrorists statrted their killings?

armera said...


I was born in Prishtinë and lived there 20 years before moving out, that was in 1990. I can tell you one thing my friend, not for 1 second I felt free or safe. Not one time I went out with my friends and didn't fear that on my way back (later in the evening) I wouldn't get stopped and beaten by Serbian Police forces just because I was Albanian. This happened to many people I knew, I even witnessed such events. You on the other hand have formed an opinion based on a press, as I would be very surprised if you ever stepped in Kosovë. The only reason why this never happened to me is that I speak Serbian probably better then you do, and I was able to always manipulate your dumb primitive police forces.

Did you ever ask yourself, from 8 main national groups in former Serboslavia, why 7 of these groups don’t want to live in the same country with you? Think about it for a second. As for us Albanians we never even belonged there. Thanks god Europe has finally realized that they made a mistake in 1912 when they seceded Kosova from the mainland Albania and now they are trying to correct it. You can comment on this as much as you want; however this is how 90% of population in Kosova perceives things. If you have a problem with this, I don’t think it is a bid deal either it’s called cultural shock. I am sure you already experienced one in Belgium or Germany wherever you said you live.

Quite honestly when I was a teenager and old folks told us about their experiences I refused to believe that such things can be committed by human beings. Now unfortunately (I stress unfortunately) we all know what some of your compatriots are capable of doing.

I choose to look on a bright side of the things, such as the independence of Kosova next year, and focus on more important things for all of us like economy and improvement of standard of living. I also hope that your country Serbia will get rid of current politicians, surrender war criminals, acknowledge and apologize for its genocide and atrocities and start working on changing the system so it can enter EU. After all ones house keeps its value only if it is in a good neighborhood, I think that as an educated person you understand this.

My advice to you is; instead of trying to educate all of us here and tell us what we should think and do better try and understand where we come from and what we want. It is always a better approach then jumping to a conclusion. I am sure that if majority of Serbs does this your churches and minority in my country would not need police protection, and would be better preserved in future.

You claim that for a while you lived somewhere in West Europe, well then show us here what you have learned there as I am really curious to get to know that side of you.

Cheers, and let peace and freedom reign our region in the future.

Mir said...

"have formed an opinion based on a press"

And so have you. Yes! Serbians are evil demons that eat Croatian babies for breakfast rape Bosnians for entertainment! and kill and eat soup made out of Albanians for dinner! SERBIANS ARE THE DEVIL! -CNN

My granduncle's best friend for decades was killed in the 80's by Albanians while going on a inter-continental business trip. His genitals were cut off and he was tied to a wooden post to bleed to death. SO STOP PLAYING THIS BULLSHIT "We are innocent sheep" game! His body is in Surcin cemetary.

Both sides had their criminals. If you could just get over yourself and admit that, I would be happy. There are no "good guys" or "innocent" people in war. 100 years of war in the Balkan region should have taught you that by now. Once both sides can look at each other in the eye and know waht they have both done to one another, then peace can begin, with reconciliation.


disclaimer: I have never actually eaten Croatian babies, raped Bosnians, or had Albanian soup

arianit said...
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arianit said...

Mitar, please decide on the story: was the dude that got his genitals cut off your uncle as you posted earlier or your granduncle's friend as you say now. Do you have newsparper clips, coroner's report, any form of proof that can validate your claim. Because from what I know Serbs aren't the kind of people that would hide something like this: hell you would have put it on Craigslist space broadcast.

And now, Serbs don't eat babies (I haven't heard of any, but I haven't heard of the claim being made either, so don't answer rhetorical questions for melodramacity). Serbs do certainly kill pregnant women (method: stabbing the fetus) and then burn the bodies. They even transfer the bodies to the heart of Serbia where they lay hidden for years because nobody speaks up. Guess who did 85% of the killing in the Bosnian conflict? (Hint: Croat Ustasa were only placed second with 10%). Don't try being a diplomat here: "everybody was a criminal, it happens to every nation so let's forget about it and play nice" all this while still keeping Kosova hostage. No, it doesn't happen to every nation. Yours is special in this respect. Look at your stories, vocabulary, culture: they are permeated with crimes and barbarity. Even as late as the 1920 you used to kill your old grandparents (an act brought down from the Urals I guess) because they were not useful anymore. The method was clubbing to death and witness was the whole village. I mean, Albanians are a violent bunch as well, but we kill those that lie, defame, don't protect (fighting included) those asking for your protection (guests), break Besa, kill the weak -- we don't kill pregnant women. To a baby in the cradle, Albanians say: "she/he is sleeping like a lamb." Serbs:"she/he's sleeping like's been slit on the throat." Seselj, a paramilitary leader in Kosova, Bosnia and Croatia, presides over your largest party. Arkan, a paramilitary leader in Bosnia, Croatia, and Kosova was an MP until he was killed in a hotel lobby. Drashkovic, your foreign minister, was a paramilitary leader and vice-prime in Milosevic's government during Kosova War. Milosevic, was elected and reelected democratically but thrown out by violence.
I can count in my fingers the number of public figures in Belgrade that were against the barbarity in Kosova; Ivan Stambolic, was one of them and he paid with his life. Natasa Kandic was another, but she was let go past checkpoints in Kosova because nobody recognized her. Ms. Kandic happens to still be alive.

But I wouldn't care a bit if I wasn't a hostage of your criminal behavior. I have never been to Serbia and I don't plan on visiting anytime soon. I hold absolutely no opinion of Serbia's internal policies. I swear that after Independence I will consider having Serbs for neighbhors as God's special joke on us.

Just admit the fact that you have never been to Kosova along with 95% of Serbs (with that exception when Milosevic herded you down and paid the bus tickets). Admit that Serbia Serbs are racist to even their Kosovo brothers and let alone Albanians. Your kind was so into the "sanctity" of Kosova that you agreed to come live here on condition of being released from jail and offered sizeable lands of the ethniclly cleansed Albanians in return. The British called their penal colony Australia, Serbs theirs Kosovo and Metohija.

Enough about this now. I don't want to ruin my karma anymore than this right before Christmas.

Mir said...

I ALWAYS said it was my granduncle's best friend. I never changed my story, other people did though. It was during Tito's time in the beginning of 80's. Which is self-explanatory as to way nothing was said about it. Plus there was no real investigation of interest for it.

Thank you for correcting me though, I did not eat Croatians for breakfast. I ate the womens fetus's (mostly with spoon) then raped then and then ate my grandparents for dinner. Okay, we have it cleared up now. :|

Next you're going to tell me Albanians never sell their daughters to 40 year old men as wives, even though I know a woman that was sold, I'll believe you since you were in fact accurate that I eat Croatians. /sarcasm


Mir said...

95% of Serbians havent seen Kosovo because they cant enter the state and stay alive in it long enough to reach anything of monumental value. The fact is simple. You came into OUR country and refused to follow the laws and are now asking for independence as if it has been never legally Serbia's. You are an idiot it is that simple. You are a simpleton like most Serbians and Albanians.

You don't understand the concept of peace and harmony. You have to find racism or a common enemy to be united within your circle of friends/family. The Balkans are the way they are now because of the idiot Serbs and Albanians like you that felt stereotypes and racism was an "okay" thing to do, and since that was okay killing was to.


armera said...


I really don't know what you are trying to prove here, and to whom you are trying to prove that? I was talking about my own experience in my own occupied country (this is how I see Kosova; you may have a different opinion, and I will not argue with you about it). On regard to your uncles/granduncles friend, that may very well be true, I will not try and dispute that (I am also very sorry about him if it really ever happened); however living in Kosovë myself for 20 years, and knowing that at that time the head of police in Kosovë was Rajko (I don’t remember his last name) and nobody heard about this? It even didn’t make 19:30 news from RTB or RTP! I don’t know what to say about it. I was 10 years old then, so maybe I went to bed after cartoons at 19:15.

I can tell you one thing Mitar. I once met an old Nazi, and he almost had me convinced that Germans didn’t do anything wrong during the WW2, and that all this was some sort of conspiracy against Germans. The rest of the world though talks about all these evil things that Germans did during this time, including your country so I choose to believe the rest of the world and the facts that we all know today. Many Serbs today think the same, I hope one day you will turn around like Germans did and acknowledge the facts that the rest of the world has on you.

I personally worked for a government of a Western country (on contract) intensively for about 9 months to collect war crime evidence that your military/paramilitary/regular and special police forces have done in Kosovë. I am in no position to disclose anything here, however believe me when I say to you that there is a lot of evidence out there. This is not just a talk as you are trying to underplay it. You may not know it, and I don’t blame you for that; however there are many Serbs that do know very well what happened in Kosovë, and did nothing to stop it.

In general one thing that I can observe with you is that I really think you need to see a shrink, as it seems that you really do have problems. You come across as having a lot of hatred in you, which is a serious problem that you have to live with it every day for the rest of your life. You or I my dear friend, are in no position to stop the progress of Kosova. Next year is going to define Balkans for at least next 50 years, what happens next I don’t know if we will live to see it. I just hope that it will be positive.

Maybe, just maybe we will get more civilized and then learn that selling our sisters to 40 year old man is not a good thing to do. One other thing I wanted to ask you: If you tried to sell your sister to a 40 old Serbian compatriot, would she play along? I don’t have a sister but if I did, I don’t know how I would do that?

God bless you my friend,

Cvijus011 said...

to arianit,

you mentioned arkan seselj, etc. but you with your language and arguments are exactly the same as they are "same shit, different package". therefore, it is not worth talking with you any more since you see all black and white and no normal discussion could be made with you.

so bugger off you albanian nazi.

to armera,

i do believe you when you say taht during the '80s you had a hard time in kosovo-metohija. unfortunately we had a bad leadership, recall that those were the years when milosevic rose to power. but as counterpart to your story, i know a serbian family from zvecane which had to abandon kosovo-metohija during the '60s because they were constantly harrased by albanians. i also know a roma in belgrade who comes from prizren and told me that serbs were more tolerant to roma than albanians. naturally, there are many exceptions (as in every nation) but they are shaded from the vilains.
fro your suprise, i've been this summer in kosovska mitrovica and pristina (working for the ministry for human and minority rights) and i must say that i was afraid to even whisper something at serbian. i saw the last standing serbian church in pristina turning to a disco and i can't describe you the feelings i had seeing that.
the 7 groups in titoslavia (serboslavia is not a passing name) were nations with no accomplished national goals - they didn't undewent the same process of nation building in the 19th century. it doesn't annoy me that they separated (i'm also against yugoslavia) but using the satanization of serbs as legitimacy for independence, that annoyes me.

Mir said...

Of course there is hate in me. Im just looking for a way to have the Kosovo problem have a peaceful resolution, While CNN still propangadates that I ate Croatians for breakfast or whatever the hell. Everyone gets hooked into their stories to so theres no point in trying to argue my innocence.

Partitioning is the only way this can come out as peaceful for BOTH sides of the conflict. Partition dosent have to mean 50/50 split. It could be small like 90/10. This is the only peaceful solution I can see.


Mir said...

Innocent sheep my ass. No one is innocent on any side in war.


kosova said...

consider this albanian news