Wednesday, December 28, 2005

LDK gets interior ministry, AAK justice ministry (Dailies)

The Ministry of Interior will be headed by LDK while the Ministry of Justice by AAK, Kosova Sot quotes a source as saying. The paper further says that now we are just waiting for the names of the ministers to be announced.

Under a big front-page headline Formulas for new ministries, Express reports that the problem with allocation of ministries between LDK and AAK will be solved through the creation of a new ministry for Euro-Atlantic Integrations. According to the first scenario the interior ministry and the ministry for Euro-Atlantic integrations will be headed by LDK, while the ministry of Justice by AAK. According to the second formula LDK gets ministries of interior and justice while AAK gets the ministry of integrations. The paper says that Ramë Maraj has been opposed to by the internationals, and quotes an unnamed diplomat in Pristina as saying that there is no chance that Maraj will lead the ministry as it needs professional and apolitical people. Express quotes sources as saying that LDK has a second option: the appointment of Çelëj Çelaj, an officer currently in the US.

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