Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Kosovo Bosniaks back independence bid

Text of report by M.M. entitled "Balic: Bosniaks were and are in favour of Kosova's independence" published by the Kosovo Albanian newspaper Koha Ditore on 17 December

Mitrovice [Kosovska Mitrovica], 16 December: Party for Democratic Action [SDA] leader Numan Balic rejected the possibility of Bosniaks being against the independence of Kosova [Kosovo] in Mitrovice on Friday [16 December]. He emphasized that some media misquoted him deliberately.

"From the beginning on, Kosova's SDA has supported the historic goals of our Albanian brothers and their right to self-determination," Balic said.

"Also now, the SDA supports the independence of Kosova and there are no dilemmas here ... When I spoke about the Bosniaks' fear, perhaps I used a harsh term with regards to the events that happened after the war. After the war, a large number of Bosniaks had to encounter the pressure of violence, which was used also against the Albanians. Many Bosniaks suffered and their wealth, homes, and shops were seized. A large number of them left Kosova. But there are also those who were expelled."

Balic said that the security that the Bosniaks have expected has not been achieved so far. "We call on the Kosovar institutions to show readiness and help us. This has not happened so far," Numan Balic outlined.

"Our message is: do not ask us (Bosniaks) if we support independence or not, because we have proved this since the 90s. But will you gentlemen, [Kosovo President Ibrahim] Rugova, [Kosovo Assembly Speaker Nexhat] Daci, and [Kosovo Prime Minister Bajram] Kosumi, support us to bring back the lost faith," Balic said.

Source: Koha Ditore, Pristina, in Albanian 17 Dec 05 p2


Dardania 2006 said...

This leaves only one group of Kosovar citizens opposing independence, and only because they are used and abused by Belgrade....i.e. that group are the Serbs.

kosovo/a said...

I dont think we are talking about support/opposition to independence by minorities - it is fear of independence that drives them to issue statements like Balic did the first time. But, fear exists among the majority community members as well - everyone is afraid of independence but there is no other way to move forward and this is what Kosovars have to explain to eachother - be it Albanians or Serbs or minorities. Used and abused by Belgrade ? Infamous statement of less than unproductive Kosovo politicians.

armera said...


I am sorry if I didn't understand you good, but can you really say (proving would be better) that K-Serbs are not used/abused by Belgrade?

Here is an example. Even when many Kosovars were leaving Kosova during last 25 years (since 1981 massively to be more accurate) due to apartheid conditions, there were many of them that survived in Kosovë and never gave up. If you go to Switzerland, Germany, USA, Canada, Turkey and other countries you will find many generations of Albanians that were forced to leave Kosovo during different times. I personally am living prove of that.

Now Serbs find it very hard to return to Kosova (the cradle of their civilization) today where you have UNMIK, and about 30000 KFOR soldiers that protect them. In Kosovë among others you have NGO’s and other international monitoring bodies. If they really want to return they can. I am not saying that Albanians will welcome them with open arms, and that they will not have to go through tough times in order to do so, but it is way easier for them to return today then it was for Albanians to remain there since 1912. Frankly I don’t think it is even comparable.

The fact is that there are many Serbs that can return, and if they try heard even make a good living and improve their relations with other ethnical groups in Kosovë; however I know that there are many of them that will have to face consequences for the genocide they have committed. The day will come when these people will have to face justice one or the other way, be it in Kosovë or Serbia. If we want to join EU and NATO as countries we have to understand that law is above all of us.

One other thing, even though Albanians were always the absolute majority in Kosovë, 90% of Albanians speak Serbian (some better then the others). From K-Serbs only 2-5% speak some Albanian, now the question is who really interested in living together? I know of no other case in the world where this is the case.

I can go on and on, however I choose to make a statement here. Kosova has and will have to become independent if we are interested in any stability in the region. K-Serbs that are interested in living in this country will have to try harder to integrate, which means join the parliament, police, justice, army and other institutions improving this way their position just like other minorities are doing it today. I almost forgot, they have to start paying taxes, utility bills and other things a normal citizen does, supporting this way their country Kosova, after all it is in their own interest right? In the beginning they will need some government and/or some international assistance however time will come when they will be on their own feet, just like we are now.

Anonymous said...

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