Thursday, December 22, 2005

It will be difficult to defend Serbian interests in Kosovo, says president

Text of report by Serbian privately-owned TV Pink on 21 December

[Presenter] Serbian President Boris Tadic has just finished his visit to Paris and, he has said, he is satisfied with the talks. He returned to Belgrade some half an hour ago, and here is what he said.

[Tadic] I will be completely open I encountered some reactions which indicate that it will be very difficult for Serbia to defend its legitimate interests. Nevertheless, it does not mean that Serbia should give up on that. Serbia should fight for its legitimate interests by promoting democratic values, its European perspective and asking for sovereignty over Kosovo-Metohija, because that simply forms part of international law and of our historic right.

Unfortunately, the decision will not be made on the basis of law only, but it will also be based on reality and politics, but we have to fight for our interests till the very last moment.

Source: TV Pink, Belgrade, in Serbian 1830 gmt 21 Dec 05

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armera said...

Wow this is good news, we are starting to face reality now. This is just the start, enjoy the ride.