Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Resolution for independence – ready for endorsement

Koha Ditore reports on the front page that the Resolution for the independence of Kosovo is on a good path of being endorsed by the Assembly, because the document proposed by the PDK has been harmonised by the other Assembly groups and has received the green light from the two respective Assembly committees. According to the newspaper, the endorsement of the resolution, which is expected to happen in a special session of the Assembly, will be considered a success by all Assembly groups.

Zëri reports on the front page that the Assembly Presidency will meet today to see if all the procedures have been met in order to call an urgent plenary session for the endorsement of the resolution, or if it will call for a little more time for talks between local entities and also with the international community. Zëri says that the heads of the Assembly groups expect the Presidency to call the urgent plenary session either for Thursday or Friday.


Anonymous said...

LMAO---that's right albanians...declare no negotions while the international community, who saved your asses, are setting up the talks for negotiations. This is hilarious. Let's have an albanian blood bath at the hands of those who saved you in 1999. That is where you are headed sooner or later.

Anonymous said...

are u high buddy what the heck are u talking about??

Anonymous said...

I sense desperation from the Serb bloggers. The resolution for independence makes it clear that the poeple in Kosova are for an independent Kosova, that is why its coming from the parliament

Anonymous said...

hey shiftar--it doesn't matter what you want. you didn't win the war. the international community won it for you and they will tell you what you will do for the next 50 years. that is the shiftar fate. that is what liars and cowards must live for their actions. You can thank NATO.

Anonymous said...

hey---the albanians are good at occupation. that is their normal state.

Anonymous said...

the only desperation sensed here is coming from shiftars...the ones who had others bomb for them because they couldn't win the war they started. now they are trying to tell those who won their fight for them what they will settle for. guess what? you lose. you will do what the armies who 'won' your fight tell you to do. that is your fate. lay your neck down for the NATO and EU boot to fit snugly over you wind pipe. Just like the ottoman boot. It fits your people well. too bad the Serbs didn't learn that lesson well enough.

Anonymous said...

The Sultans' harem was full of Serb women. The sultans' wives were Serbian also. The Serbs were the first bent over to the Turks. We defeated them for 25 consecuitive years, enjoying our freedom.

Yea yea we started the war with our tractors. You say we had no army and then we started a war. Idiostic comments coming from JugoSLUTS as always.
JugoSLUTS started 3 wars in 10 years .

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute, some people are saying here that Albanians didn't win the war but NATO won it, and they have to do what NATO tells us. What about Serbia that actually LOST the war? Do you think they will have to do what NATO and EU tells them?

Serbs are really pathetic!

Prince of Albania said...

To the poster at 11:26 and 12:01, how pathetic are you?
You spend time in Albanian posts trying to justify the embarrasing loss your country has suffered to the indternational community for almost 15 years now,
Serbia has been doing what the West tells her from the beggining. They withdrew from Slovenia like little dogs with their tails between their legs. They were chased out fo Croatia, who had the West'ssupport,by the CFroat forces, and they were told to sign the Dayton accords, by which they lost their territories in Bosnia. Now the West is forcing the Serbs there to step by step dissmantle Republica Srpska while at the same time also telling Serbia it has to give up on Kosovo and Montenegro!

I think the only one here taking orders from the West is Serbia nad the Serb people and rightfully so, you started this mess with your bloodthirsty nationalism and you statd to pay the highest price.

I just can't wait for the west to tell serbia that they have to give up Sandjak and Vojvodina. The waters have already been stirred up!

Bye you fucking dirty SHKIA, burn in hell!!!