Monday, October 03, 2005

Majority of Kosovo Albanians expect conditional independence

Text of report in English by Croatian news agency HINA

Pristina, 2 October: Almost 60 per cent of citizens in Kosovo believe that the results of negotiations on the status of this province will be its conditional independence under the interim administration of the European Union.

According to results of a poll which the KosovaLive news agency conducted in Pristina from 27 to 29 September, 26 per cent of respondents believe that Kosovo will acquire the status of a sovereign and independent country.

Only four per cent out of a total of 100 respondents expect a negative report which UN Special Envoy to Kosovo, Norwegian Kai Eide, will soon present on the situation in Kosovo and its progress in meeting standards.

The start of the negotiations is made conditional on findings from that report.

Thirty seven (37) per cent of respondents expect a positive report to be submitted by Eide to the United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan.

Fifty nine (59) per cent believe that the report will be positive with certain objections to the implementation of some standards which the international community has set as requirements which Kosovo must meet before beginning the negotiations.

Over one third of the respondents fear that maintaining the status quo in Kosovo would badly affect the economic development of the province.

Three per cent of the respondents believe that the only solution for Kosovo would be the uniting of all Albanian-populated areas of the Balkans.

Source: HINA news agency, Zagreb, in English 0854 gmt 2 Oct 05


Anonymous said...

Kosovo and the Islamic Threat

September 30, 2005: The worst thing about Kosovo is that there has been no progress in the last six years.

Violence and crime are common, and jobs are not (about two thirds of the workforce are unemployed.) The only big business is crime, with organized gangs heavily into smuggling, drugs, prostitution and whatever else will earn money. Islamic charities have set up religious schools, and are turning thousands of young Albanians into enthusiastic haters of all things Christian.

Anonymous said...

That's all BS. The same things Milosevic is using in his trial.
Are what you say above reasons to kill 7 month old babies and 2 year old children? Are those reason to unburry these children three times and burn them in industrial ovens in Serbia?

The Serbian church approved all of this.

Albanians do not hate christian cause by doing so they'd hate half of their family, they'd hate their own kind.

Its the oposite, Serbs hate every religion except for Serbs Orthodoxy. This is why you killed other slavs in Bosnia and Croatia.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I guess those Bosians, Croats and albanians didn't murder any Serbs.

I wonder why the Croatian ascension talks for EU membership is on hold?

And why did the Kosovo and Metohija Premier Haradinaj step down from his elected position and visit the Hague?

Anonymous said...

If you start three wars in 10 years and kill our children do you expect us to watch you decimate our families.

Haradinaj has not been found guilty. He is enjoying his time in his home in Kosova.
On the other hand you have half of the Serbian government and half of the Serb generals spending jail time in Hague.

Anonymous said...

War is Hell!!

Anonymous said...

Try explaining that to the majority of the Serbs

Anonymous said...

I think the albanians need some explaining. If you start an insurgency don't be suprised if the otherside comes with guns blazing.

Anonymous said...

Yea I'm sure the 7 months old babies and 2 year old children started the insurgency. They shouldn't be surprised since they started it they should have known they were going to be killed unburried a couple of times and then burned in Serb industrial ovens.

victoria said...

would the 4.46 blogger care to expand on the statement "if you start an insurgency.........."?

Unless history has been reported totally inaccurately by respected historians/journalists etc, my understanding is that the Albanians were totally repressed in the 90s after Milosevic decided that the Serb minority in Kosova should take control of the province. Albanian teachers, doctors, bankers etc were all dismissed from their posts, which were then given to Serbs. Rugova implemented a policy of peaceful resistance and the Albanians established a parallel society and managed on their own. It's no surprise that as the decade came to a close, the KLA was formed out of total frustration that nothing was happening - after the war in Bosnia ended, Kosova was sidelined by the west.

No doubt there were killings after the war in retribution - these can't be ignored but surely it has to be accepted that there's no going back to recreate the times of Serb government and control. The Albanians would never accept a return to those times and unfortunately the blogs I read in the Kosovareport confirm that if control was returned to the Serbs, the Albanians would again become treated as second class citizens. Racism is rife, it would appear, amongst a considerable proportion of Serbs.

Anonymous said...

the kla was and is a terrorist organization just like hamas and al qaeda. that cannot and will not be ignored. Why do you thin that the US wants the EU to take on Kosovo? wake up you idiots of denial. Your "peaceful" crap of your muslim majority, revenge seeking, kanun bound nation is over since 9/11. you are suspect. you will be occupied for generations.

Anonymous said...

The KLA would be a terroris organization if they had planted bombs in the center of Belgrade killing civilians. The fact that they never did this makes them a guerrilla. High US official had direct telephone contacts with Hashim Thaci while he was fighting. I've never seen on CNN Colin Powel or Condoleza Rice talking to the leader of Hamas on the phone or to Bin Laden on the phone.

Anonymous said...

Serbs are d.i.c.kheads always resorting to religion as a last resort. This is the same tactics Bin Laden is following always resorting to religion to fulfill their plans.

Anonymous said...

High US official had direct telephone contacts with Hashim Thaci while he was fighting. I've never seen on CNN Colin Powel or Condoleza Rice talking to the leader of Hamas on the phone or to Bin Laden on the phone.

That's because the democrats fraternize with filth. Republicans don't. Why do you think GWB wants the EU to deal with Kosovo?

Anonymous said...

Another Serb trying to pass himself/herself as a redneck.
What do you say about Bob Dole advocating the independence of Kosova. Just two weeks ago you had another republican,House of representaive member in Kosova advocating independense.