Thursday, October 06, 2005

Albanian president calls for Kosovo's independence

Text of report in English by Albanian news agency ATA

Tirana, 6 October: After his meeting in Vienna with Austrian President Heinz Fischer in Vienna today President Alfred Moisiu told the media that "Albania supports Kosova's [Kosovo] independence".

According to the president's press office, Moisiu, appreciating Austria's constant contribution to the developments in our region, confirmed that "the settlement of the final status of Kosova will generate stability, peace and security, not only in Kosova but all over the Balkan region". "Albania and the Albanians are a factor of stability in the much-troubled region of the Balkans," said the president. "We believe that a stable solution of Kosova issue will come from Kosova people themselves in cooperation with the international factor," he said.

Moisiu started today a two-day working visit to Austria, at the invitation of Austrian President Heinz Fischer. During this visit he will take part in the exposition to be opened in honour of our National Hero Gjergj Kastriot Skenderbeg at Vienna Historical Art Museum, as well as in the ceremony to be organized for the inauguration of the monument of the renowned Albanian actor, Aleksander Moisiu, in the square named after him.

Source: ATA news agency, Tirana, in English 1733 gmt 6 Oct 05

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Anonymous said...

This is a flagrant interference in the affairs of another State. But is albania a State? We can have doubts.