Friday, June 09, 2006

UNMIK chief says Self-Determination Movement's rally not in Kosovo's interest

Text of report in English by independent internet news agency KosovaLive

Prishtina [Pristina], 9 June: The head of UNMIK [UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo] Soeren Jessen-Petersen said today that the enemies of independence will be very happy when they see the protests of the Self-Determination Movement on the streets of Prishtina, while Prime Minister Agim Ceku said that at this crucial time all should be responsible not to prolong the process of Kosova's independence.

Jessen-Petersen and Ceku made those comments at a meeting which was held during the time of police interventions against protestors.

"I simply do not understand what these people (Self-Determination Movement protesters) are doing. I think they are lost. I think they are misguided and clearly they are not working in the interest of Kosova," he [unspecified] said.

"The enemies of independence must be very happy with what is happening in front of UNMIK HQ. We do not need anything that will distract attention from the status process," he said.

Jessen-Petersen said that UNMIK is doing its job in helping the people and the institutions of Kosova. He also said that he feels proud of the job UNMIK has been doing in Kosova.

Source: KosovaLive website, Pristina, in English 9 Jun 06


AlbanianThrough&Through said... might not know what "these people (self-determination) are doing" Mr. Jessen-Petersen but we know what you (UNMIK) are up to and we will not allow it! 95% of the population must be allowed self-determination. The way things are going it seems that war is on the boil. The down trodden people of Kosova have had a gut full. We've had 7 years of tricks and lies from YUNMIK. We will not allow the disection of Kosova! Please, please do not impose a war on this people again for I fear the next one will be much, much worse and that it will spill over into the entire Balkans.

NYoutlawyer said...

it is not up to you to allow or disallow. Just behave yourselves and maybe you will be able to pull off one of history's greatest crimes, the stealing of a nation.

Dardania 2006 said...

A criminal knows the a crime, and projects it...that is you dear Nyoutlawyer

Wim Roffel said...

To: AlbanianThrough&Through
95% of the population must be allowed self-determination

With the last count it was 85% Albanians. Or do you want to legalize the ethnic cleansing since then?

Albin Kurti with his Vetëvendosje looks like a classical fascist organisation to me with the typical mix of hate mongering and violence. Kosovo will be regretting that they have given him room for his excesses long after it has become independent.

arianit said...

Self-determination is right to be worried and pissed. I am too. You can't negotiate on the fate of a whole nation, and UN charters are clear on this. I am sure the honorable Mr. Petersen would never consider the option of negotiating the fate of his country with his neighbors.

Cvijus011 said...

It is very sad that fascist elements such as those Albin Kurti and his group are gaining the support of people that condemn Serbia of being fascist. This more or less double standards.

The action of "selfdetermination" or very counterproduvtive to the process that already started in the province and really don't contribute to the reconciliation of Serbs and albanians and especially in the current political processes. Ceku, whatever he has done in the past, has shown a great deal of political maturity to some extend, however Kurti just shows that sees Kosovo, whatever its future status will be, adopting the same jingoist mentality that he has in his own mind. Kurti is just trying to deepen the wounds on both nations.

However, it is for every compliment that the albanian society doesn't support Kurti to the extend that he expects and that the boycot on Serbian products didn't succeed as he expected.

DimTuc said...

At 3:32 AM, Wim Roffel said...

"With the last count it was 85% Albanians. Or do you want to legalize the ethnic cleansing since then?"

That's a good point. So maybe the original point you attacked could be rephrased:

"85% of the population must be allowed self-determination"

How many countries in the wortld really have more than 85-90% of their populations belonging to the majority ethnic group anyway? If that is too low, then Serbia itself canot be allowed self-determination.

JustMe said...

My fellow Albanians, you are making a huge mistake. Self-determination is a right to which nations are entitled. Due to the current ambigueous status of Kosovo, Serbs are a nation with that right same as we are. If we self-determine for independence, they can very well do the same. And they have every right to. So Albin Kurti better shut the hell up and leave the politics to grown-ups and mentally stable people.

Bg anon said...

Well I dont usually agree with Petersen but his comments ring true. Of course his primary concern is to serve the majority population.

Yes the internationals are a corrupt bunch, yes they are a pain in the rear sometimes, yes they can be arrogant and encourage prostitution or worse.

But as I said before the only real chance of stopping Kosovo(a - as it will be) independence is if the Albanians completely turn on UNMIK and the other internationals. Kurti is doing a fine job in attaining this dubious goal from an Albanian perspetive.

If I were a conspiracy theories I might even think that he is on the payroll of the Serbian security services. But I dont think its that, the guy is a real extremist I think - suffering from a Communist mindset hangover, as many in the region do.

Actually I dont think this is all bad from a Albanian perspective. Kurtis actions may have the effect of waking up Albanians who may sympathise but realise that that form of extremism can only lose international friends. And the name of the game is to make as many international friends as possible.

mitrovica pika pika said...

It is a sad state of affairs when you read shit-for-brains like justme who havent lifted a finger for freedom of Kosova now criticise someone like Kurti. He has stood at the forefront of the war for freedom and has shown more balls and brain then any other leader Kosova has ever had. Whether he is a radical or not shouldnt even be a question. the enclaves and north kosova are daggers at Kosovas heart one way or another they have to be cured be it war or agreement of some sort. Kurti is no a sell-out like the other in our government who have no clue how the regular people in Kosova live. While albanains pay elecricit and have no jobs , and probably would starve to death if they didnt have family memebers in western Europe,they try to placate a hostile population of rapists and war criminals like the serbs in Kosova.
As far as this dutch chicken shit posting here- doesnt your country have enough shame in srebrenica or some othere slave running legacy or perhaps selling the jews to the nazis- but mos likely you are just some fat fuck wih nothing to do but get a bit of attention and since no one can see you probably be considered a human being which mos definetely you are not. get a life bitch Roffel or better yet suck on a shotgun, pull trigger.

NYoutlawyer said...

So nice to see the albanian brotherhood sending their goodwill to their fellow man.

You pricks really are a bitter bunch of fucks. Point your attention towards the EU, US and the UN. They are playing you fools like a fiddle for their own profits.

Do you really think they are there for humanitarian reasons?

AlbanianThrough&Through said...

O Just Me,

Ta shkërdheftë nënën Albini me të gjithë shokët e tij.

E mos ha mut këtu or shkërdhatë!

mitrovica pika pika said...
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mitrovica pika pika said...
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mitrovica pika pika said...

ah NYouthouselawyer, there you are you little bitch. I thought a black cock got stuck in your ass like that Marinovic guy and you were suing albanains in New york court because of that. Happy Independence