Monday, June 05, 2006

18 Albanians, 4 Serbs arrested in Kosovo over human smuggling

PRISTINA, Serbia, June 5, 2006 (AFP) -

Eighteen people from Albania and four from Kosovo were detained after being caught crossing into Serbia from the northern part of its UN-run province, police said Monday.

"Serbian authorities on Sunday handed over to Kosovo authorities 18 Albanian citizens and four of Kosovo's citizens", police spokesman Veton Elshani told AFP.

"They are being kept in the detention centre in Pristina. The public prosecutor charged Albania's citizens for illegal border crossing, while Kosovo's citizens were charged for smuggling of humans," he added.

It is assumed that four Kosovars helped the Albanians to cross illegally into Serbia, from were they planned to be transferred to western Europe.

The police did not unveil the ethnic origin of the locals, but the province's electronic media said they were Serbs.

"Three of the four local people are under age," Elshani said.

Kosovo is technically part of Serbia but has been a UN protectorate since NATO intervened militarily in 1999 to end a war between Serbian forces and separatist guerrillas from the province's ethnic Albanian majority seeking independence.


WARchild said...

Inter-ethnic cooperation at its best.

Dardania 2006 said...

Clearly no Serbs are angry about this comments...go figure...

Here I'll act as one of them:

You muslim scummm, youuu made those serbs traffic people, you used the dark side to turn them to the dark side and to turn to the dark are EVIL and multiply like insects...

Am I sounding racist enough like that NYTlawyer serb guy?

Konaction said...

Organized crime is at it's top in north of Kosova, don't get suprised if they started to kill each other, there's no life perspective in that area and people got fed up with it!

Dardania2006, you still don't sound racist enough :) They have this unique style at it!

Far away from reality they are :)

Bg anon said...

Great example of tolerance.

Talk about honour amongst theives.

Dardania comments like that dont do anybody any credit - nobody has to copy or be influenced by others if they choose not to be.

Mir said...

"Great example of tolerance."

You dont understand. Most people HAVE tolerance. I doubt if I saw (most of) these Albanian bloggers in real life they would try to kill me. They have tolerance.

What we dont have is UNDERSTANDING. Tolerance isnt enough.

Bg anon said...

What we dont have is UNDERSTANDING. Tolerance isnt enough

Well Mir how hard is it to understand that each and every human being is the same?

He thinks that, I think this. And so?

Its bone stupid not to be able to understand. I am more than capable of understanding a multitude of different views but it doesnt mean I support those views.

Im afraid it has more to do with parental influence than lack of understanding.