Monday, June 05, 2006

Kosovo negotiator: Serbia must pay Albanians sacked in 1990s all back pay

Text of report in English by independent internet news agency KosovaLive

Prishtina [Pristina], 5 June: Muhamet Mustafa, a member of the Kosova [Kosovo] delegation on economic issues, said that Kosovars requested in Vienna individual and collective compensation of salaries for employees who were forcibly removed from their jobs in early 1990s by the Serb-installed administration in Kosova.

Mustafa said that this request is based on UN Security Council Resolution 689 approved in 1991. "We also requested the establishment of international committees, through which this compensation will be realized," Mustafa said.

Mustafa said that Serbia should also pay other debts, such as misappropriation of Kosova's pension fund, bank savings, bonuses for children, destroying of properties, violence against human, property and physical rights of individuals.

Kosovars also presented in Vienna a report of the International Labour Office [ILO], which evaluates that the dismissing of Kosova Albanian workers was politically motivated.

In early 1990s, over 150,000 Kosova Albanian employees in the then Socially-Owned Enterprises were dismissed from jobs under justification that they are not loyal to the then Yugoslav Federation.

Source: KosovaLive website, Pristina, in English 5 Jun 06


srbija said...

>>>In early 1990s, over 150,000 Kosova Albanian employees in the then Socially-Owned Enterprises were dismissed from jobs under justification that they are not loyal to the then Yugoslav Federation.<<<

That was not just a justification, they were not loyal really. Try not to be loyal in any other country where you live and see what will happen to you...:P
You will not stay only without jobs but without residence in that country too... So, cut the bs...

ANYC said...

So wait- you guys claim on this blog that you are so proud of not supporting Milosevic and getiing him to step down, yet when we did it 10 years before you woke up-it was disloyalty?!
What were Albanians supposed to be loyal to?! A state of suppresson which culminated into their massive expulsion? Oh wait that was CNN and America propaganda-the expulsion never happened...right?
Talk about b/s....

WARchild said...

It's getting quit exciting, I must say.

DiNo said...

Amin to ANYC!

AlbanianThrough&Through said...

Albanians have always been loyal to their land and each other and that's why they have always fought against serbian occupation and we will continue to do so till the job is done.

You fuckers (serbs) have awoken a sleeping giant...god help you all now because nobody else will.

We are going to make sure you fuckers pay for all tht you have done to Albanians. You pieces of dog shit don't admit to the hundreds of millions of dollars stolen from Kosova by serbia over the last century, not to mention the mal-treatments, beatings, imprisonments, murders, pillaginging, destruction of property and ancient Illyrian sites that prove that slavs are not the original people of this land, the forcing upon us of a foreign and false history and school cirricular.

And you expect us to forgive you??? NEVER!! We will make you all PAY dearly!

The serbs that decide to continue living on Albanian soil after 2006 better be clean (no blood on there hands) and they'd better know who is boss. As the Germans and Japanese did after WWII, so too should th serbs take a very good look at themselves and see what they have done to the original & innocent peace loving peoples of the Balkans and realise/accept the position they are now in today.

Urimi im është që sa më shpejtë të mos përmendet më fjala kosovë në çfarëdo varianti por vetëm fjala më e ëmbël në botë, SHQIPËRI!!
Është tepër rëndësishme që sa më shpejtë pas pavarësisë, të hiqen të gjitha emërtimet/toponimet sllav në të gjitha trojet Shqiptare (të fushave, të pyjeve, të qyteteve, të fshatrave, të lumenjeve, të përrojve, të njerëzëve, etj).

Uroj që të shuhet gjithçka, çdo shenjë serbo-sllave në trojet Shqiptare!!!

NYoutlawyer said...

Fuck you too albanian through and through. You can kiss my Serbian ass. You will never see a penny.

As for original inhabitants, your land is albania, so go the fuck where you came from. If you want to live on someone else's land, you must live by their rules. And you are not illyrians either, it has been proven by your own albanian scholars, but you refuse to accept the truth. BTW, what the fuck is so great about Illyrians anyway. I guess is sound better than SHITpars.

Dardania 2006 said...

Occupation compensation
War compensation
Compensation to the famillies the suffered and lost someone...

Pray Milosevic stashed money somewhere Dr. Racista.

Sacred Dardanicum said...

To NYoutlawyer if we need to live in Albanian then you should go and live to Russia and release our land

Serbs In Kosovo are in Danger said...

All of those treasonous Albanians will never ever see a penny. Ha ha.

Dardania 2006 said...

Above serb posters logic: if you dont let us mess you up, use you, you are traitors.

Dude, you will go far in life.

Tom_Gruda said...
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Tom_Gruda said...

immature slavic population which is still infatuated with lies preached to itself.

albanians were on this land since 9000bc. the ancient palasgians that followed by the illyrians.
kosova, with the first illyrian ruler Bardhyli was called Dardania.

slavs crossed the danube in the 5-6th century. it makes no sense for it to be your land. albanians have always had it. and always will have it..

1987 lidhja prizrenit, conference of prizren, we have defended our land
1911 malsia e madhe, the great highlands fought the montenegrins kral nikolla along with mark milani, i have many relatives such as sokol baci ivezaj, smajl martini ivezaj, ded nika ivezaj, Vuksan Gela I Grudes. that have fought turkish and slavic oppression

Kosova has had many heroes that have given their due before you slavs were kicked out of russia.

Bardhyli, isa boletini, hasan prishtina, bajram curri, ADEM JASHARI, zahir pajaziti, etj.
the list just goes on

you think albanians wont get a penny?
you are sadly mistaken, for albanians will be paid for reprecussions along with getting their full freedom

i am an albanian catholic of Malesia e Madhe, in albanian land, which is being controlled by montenegro.

I will one day fulfill my duty as an albanian regardless of religion or region, to unite a true ethnic Albania

Malesia, Hot Grud Triesh Koj, Ulqin, Tivar, Plav, Guci

Ilirid, Kumanov, Tetov, Shkup, Manastir, Gostivar

Kosova, Presheva, bujanoci, medvegja

Cameria, arta, Janina

Rrnoft Shqypnia Etnike

AlbanianThrough&Through said...

Hey Tom,

Albanian Through & Through here wishing you and your glorious family a very long, healthy & prosperous life.

Tung Dude.

Rroftë Shqipëria Etnike!
Lavdi të rënëve për liri?
Rroftë kombi dhe gjuha SHQIPTARE!

and as the great man Pashko Vasa said, "...mos shikoni kisha e xhamia se feja e Shqiptarit është SHQIPTARIA!"

Segas said...

to spathetic sebija and some faggot from "NY"nyoutlawyer...

firs all the power to albanianthroughand through....

You stupid ignorant serbs! do you know that your president Tadic and Prime Minister Kostunica are secretly meeting with international community on preparing thmselves to recognize the Independence of Kosova...
how the fuck you two motherfuckers dare to talk about Albanians and Kosova when you have never set a foot in that area...
even your so called "brother" russians have turned their back on you. finally they have understood that you the serbs are descendants of russian gypsies and also are just full of shit and compulsive liars... grow up and get a life cocksuckers.
Illyrians rule in this area....serbs are unwanted russian gypsies kicked out of russia...

Bg anon said...

In a way this is exciting as warchild pointed out.

The economic aspects will be bitterly contested by Serbs and Albanians and both sides will have good 'ammunition' from different time periods.

From a diplomatic perspective I suspect the Serbs will get a better deal on these economic issues. Why? Its obvious really if Kosovo Albanians win the main prize - independence, the Serbs are likely to be able to maximize their demands in another field. Of course the Kosovo Albanians will be very vocal in resisting this.

And of course this is the danger from a Serbian perspective - if Serbia refuses to recognise the eventual conditional independence likely to occur they may lose the deal they manage to bargain on the economic issues.

That would be a double blow. A very tricky situation.

Mir said...

Kosovo was only "Albanian" land once. And that was in World War 2.

Mir said...

Those little Albanian pride speeches were really cute. They made me giggle. Thanks guys.

Sacred Dardanicum said...

Mir your name is something that servians don't like at all.

Didn't you researched books referring where Albanians were living also prior

Well, you might be terrified with those data. Albanians lived up Sumadija. Then 1874-75 you have committed a lot of atrocities toward Albanians and expelled them from those parts of nowadays servia. Only in this way you changed the demographic picture of Balkans.

But nowadays based on negative natality that you servians have in next 50 years you will become only 3 million peoples and by that time Albanians will triple their number so we will reach the number of population around 8 millions.

And we will push on north because Kosovo has only 10800 sq km and for 8 million people it will be really little space so we will push on north.

NYoutlawyer said...

Fucking albo nomads have lived everywhere. They take a shit in some cornfield and claim it as their land.

You pricks can't even trace your exact roots, but believe some crap your albo dictators told you. Your illyrian myth was disproved by your own albo scholars. So stop lying to yourselves that kosovo is your land.

srbija said...

Tom_Gruda said...

>>>albanians were on this land since 9000bc. the ancient palasgians that followed by the illyrians.
kosova, with the first illyrian ruler Bardhyli was called Dardania.<<<

OMG, soon you will start to claim that Adam and Eve were Albanians who lived in Kosovo...

Sacred Dardanicum said...

>>>in next 50 years you will become only 3 million peoples and by that time Albanians will triple their number so we will reach the number of population around 8 millions.<<<

Hmm, have you people ever heard of birth control? I mean, if you really believe that you are going to spread all over Europe, and afterwards - the world, and that they will let you take their lands - than you really live in delusions...
haha, they will start to annihilate you like insects... :P

Sacred Dardanicum said...

We were not wiped out since you servians came to Balkans after the 7th century AD. Since that we were fighting with slavic population.

So there are almost 14 centuries war and as you see in the history only us survived during the raid made by slavic population.

Tom_Gruda said...

We can't trace our roots?, you uneducated peasant

tell me exactly where youre from,

you russian gypsie.

Illyrian Myth?, ask any scholar in teh world, and they will tell you the albanians origin,

"Most scholars consider that the Albanians are direct descendants of an Illyrian tribe that was named "Albanoi" that was located in present day Albania. Some scholars dispute this. See Origin of Albanians. Some scholars have claimed that the Albanians and the Illyrians are the descendants of the ancient Pelasgians, and thus their history goes back at least 4000 years before Christ."

read that you russian gypsie, surely you can read?

now gypsie, albanians have been on the balkan peninsula before anyone in Europe.

In the indo-european language diagram, you clearly see albanian was the first to branch off, which means, they were the first to inhabit the land.

New york scub gypsie, you state no proof to your dirty slavic beleifs. your word means nothing, you dirty shkja

writing was found in a wall in present day northern bosnia(illyrian land), it dates back to 9000bc. scientists all over the world tried translating it, but with no luck,

a scientist of Shkoder, Albania, the Illyrian capital, translated it into perfect albanian.

Rrnoft shqypnia etnike!

srbija said...

Tom_Gruda said...

>>>"Most scholars consider that the Albanians are direct descendants of an Illyrian tribe that was named "Albanoi" that was located in present day Albania. Some scholars dispute this.<<<

So, some scholars dispute this...
Anyway, why are you SO outrageous Tom_Gruda? I've never insulted you ..:P

Than, the most interesting I found in wikipedia was this:

>>>Among the nations to claim descent from Pelasgians are Albanians, Greeks and Romanians<<<

And than, they (in Wikipedia) say:

>>>This article or section may contain original research or unverified claims.
Please help Wikipedia by adding references. See the talk page for details. This article or section does not cite sources or references that appear in a credible publication and are not primary sources, such as websites and publications affiliated with the subject of the article. You can help Wikipedia by including appropriate citations.<<<

So, all these you refer here is not from credible publications...
And I just can imagine WHO could possibly send references (to wikipedia and others about pelasgians)...:P
I suppose that was the same person who, as you said: >>> ..translated it into perfect albanian..<<
- "a scientists of Shkoder, Albania, the Illyrian capital",now, HE is writting a modern Albanian history ?!? ..:PP

Tom.Gruda said...

Wow, it's been a couple years since i've commented on this article..

Let me first begin by Congratulating the Albanian state of Kosova on its independence ;)

and srbija,

i like how you choose wikipedia as your "credible" source


an Independent Kosova,
one step closer to an Ethnic Albania.

Rrnofte Shqypnia Etnike!!! UCK!