Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Serbia's PM Insists Serbs Will Never Give Up Kosovo

GRACANICA, Serbia (AP)--Serbs will never give up Kosovo, Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica said Wednesday after arriving in Kosovo to mark the anniversary of an epic battle against Ottoman forces.

Security measures were high for the visit of Kostunica, who was attending ceremonies marking Vidovdan, or St. Vitus Day - the anniversary of the 1389 battle in which a Christian army led by Serbian Prince Lazar was defeated in Kosovo by invading Ottoman forces.

The battle came to symbolize Serbs' historic resolve not to give up Kosovo, the heartland of their statehood and religion.

"There is no better repeat what every Serbian has to know: Kosovo has been and will always remain part of Serbia," said Kostunica, triggering applause and chanting from large crowds in the grounds of a 14th century monastery in Gracanica, a Serb enclave in Kosovo heavily protected by North Atlantic Treaty Organization peacekeepers.

Kostunica urged the dwindling Serb community to remain determined and unified at a time when Serbs and ethnic Albanians are conducting U.N.-sponsored talks on Kosovo's future.

Kosovo, which officially remains part of Serbia, has been administered by the U.N. and patrolled by international peacekeepers since mid-1999, when a NATO air war halted a crackdown by former Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic's forces on separatist ethnic Albanians.

The province's ethnic Albanian majority wants full independence, but Belgrade insists it retain control.

Tension and occasional violence persists between ethnic Albanians and the minority Serbs, who live in heavily guarded and isolated enclaves.

"We would not be able to pray today if it was not for the army's protection," he said.

Kosovo special police arrested 116 ethnic Albanian protesters who blocked roads linking Kosovo to the rest of Serbia in a bid to prevent the visit. Among those arrested was a member of Kosovo's parliament.

Many of the arrested protesters were members of an ethnic Albanian group calling itself "Self-determination," which described Kostunica's visit as "a provocation."

The group compared the trip to a 1989 visit by Milosevic, who used the St. Vitus Day anniversary to deliver a speech that whipped up Serb nationalist fervor. The event was seen as key in events that led to disintegration of Yugoslavia and a decade of Balkan wars.

An estimated 10,000 ethnic Albanians were killed in Kosovo's 1998-99 war. Afterward, tens of thousands of Serbs fled the province due to reprisal attacks and threats from ethnic Albanians.


Free and Independent said...

Well, here we go again... Miloshevic hasn't died, yet, at least not his ideas. UN and Albanians were trying to show religious tolerance by allowing Koshtunica to visit Kosovo for religious reasons and they specifically instructed Kostunica to not turn it into a political trip but what does he do as soon as he comes to Kosovo?

He repeats the same thing that Miloshevic said in 1987 in the same place in Kosovo, that Kosovo will always be a part of Serbia (even 90% of the people in Kosovo don't trust Serbian leadership at all). But this to me shows how immature and distrustful Kostunica is because his recent act only renforces the belief that Serbian leadership is not be trusted and to me his act only benefits Albanians.

In this case Kostunica lied and cheated UN just so he could make a political statement and used Serbia's most holy day to do this; it shows how much they care about their Serbian orthodoxy; they just use it for political purposes.

DimTuc said...

Shame on Kostunica for doing a Milosevic 20 years later. They say first time tragegy, second time farce, but this one is a combination. Giving false and obviously ridiculous hopes to the Serb minority, who have enough problems without this crap. I make no excuses for the way many Albanians have treated the minority, and I think almost no-one argues it has been good, but the point is how to improve things. Coming and telling the under 10 percent minority that they will still have the veto over what the 90 percent majority can do is not something that helps the minority, but somehting that can only increase its false hopes and isolation, and increase hostility among the majority, giving excuses to its extremist fringes. Kosova will be independent because that's what the great majority long ago decided; the best policy for the security of the minority is to openly recognise this, and fight within that perspective for the best possible deal on minorities. Kostunica has just shown he doesn't give a rat's arse about the welfare of Kosova Serbs, only his narrow political interests. But anyway, Mr. Kalshnikov sjowed that years ago in Kosova

Serbs In Kosovo are in Danger said...

Why do you think Kosovo being a part of Serbia means Serbs will control Kosovo? Serbs have offered almost complete autonomy and they should accept it. Kosovo is a part of Serbia and always should be. The UN should not give Kosovo independence because Albanians like to elect terrorists like Ceku Prime Minister. Kostunica is just expressing the reality that Kosovo is important to Serbs and always will be. That it should not be amputated from the Serbian state. Or that Serbs areas of Kosovo should not be made independent with the Albanians areas. Albanians can not be trusted not to launch and ethnic cleansing campaign against the Serbs or destory every Serbian Orthodox church in Kosovo. Another March 2004 is guaranteed every month in an independent Kosovo.

mitrovica pika pika said...

"Another March 2004 is guaranteed every month in an independent Kosovo."

And if we are not independent another war where sewerbs rape and pillage will happen.
I find one thing absurd in this websie. Albanians give argumens serbs threaten with partition, islamic state, drug and crime infested indpendent Kosova and on and on. this playing with western countries fears is actually paying of because if you read the papers on the visit by Kustunica in Kosova they all seem sympathetic. Its like seing an old shaking man trying to eat soup first its discusing but as you watch on you pity the fuck.

NYoutlawyer said...

Old woman mitrovicka picka, have you been sipping your husband's brandy? Your writting is slurred. As always, you make no sense. I told you to just cook your old man's food and leave politics to people with brains.

Fatos said...

I would have wanted Mr. Kostunica to expand on his notion that "... Serbs Will Never Give Up Kosovo". I would really want to know what do they think on doing when the world powers and 95% of Kosova's population supports independence. They could try and develop and long range missle but they are to dumb to know how to. This is about the only option that I can see for them.

arianit said...

As they say, never say never. They also say, easy come, easy go.

Sacred Dardanicum said...

If contact group has already decides behing the closed doors for an independent Kosovo, i don't know whay serbian leaders are giving false hope for Kosovo serbians.

My answer to serbians is simple if they want to live in Kosovo for me it is ok, if they don't want to live in Kosovo we can't push them to stay.

I wonder do the serbians have started to think what after Kosovo independency. Do the serbian know that have to pay for every house destroyed since WWII, every person killed after WWII, the whole pension trust, the salaries for 10 years for albanian workers that have been stripped out of their works only why they didn't want to assimilate.

I think this would make a huge bill to pay.

Its really pity that serbian are not yet starting to think about this.

So next time when you make a war or kill other peoples or better said minorities in your country think about compensating thier lives.

After this serbia would be broken donw so they never would be risen again.

Serbia has no more sea port, the new pipeline that will be build will be builded outside serbia, it will be build from Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, then final stop will be in Austria(there is no name of serbia appearing on this list). A new road will be builded from Slovenia, Adriatic coast of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, again Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Greece so the roads going toward the southern balkan pennisula will not cross the serbia. Serbia in future will be the poorest country only because they have coused lot of wars and trouble to whole Europe.

Is this a clear picture for serbians no and nyouthlawer shut up and try to collect some money because you serbians have to pay a lot to Kosovo, Bosnia, Croatia as compensations for the wars conducted by serbia in last century.

Sacred Dardanicum said...

Old serbian lawer livin in Ney Work seems to have criminal thougts in his mind and he hates all non serbians, i think this is so called nacism. So nyouthlawyer your nick should be nacistyoutlawyer oops i made a mistake that propably this n already means nacist.

And as we know there is no place in Europe for nacists any longer. World War II has proved this.

NYoutlawyer said...

dardanicum, you must be picka's bastard child. Did that old whore tell you who the father was? Maybe a Roma neighbor?

You and her always have venemous comments that make no sense at all. Go to an albo food recipe blog, it will be easier for both of you.

mitrovica pika pika said...

Ah there you are, you little bitch. What does nyouthouselawyer actually mean?

NYoutlawyer said...

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NYoutlawyer said...

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