Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Milosevic's brother praises President Lukashenka on Belarus TV

Belarusian TV has broadcast an interview with Borislav Milosevic, former Yugoslav ambassador to Russia and brother of the late Yugoslav president, Slobodan Milosevic.

Speaking in the interview aired on 28 June, Milosevic said that the EU stood behind a recent referendum on Montenegro's independence. He forecast that the Albanian minority in the Balkans will press for a referendum on Kosovo's independence. Albanians in the Balkans will be pressing for the creation of "Great Albania", he said. He added that Albania will turn into an Islamic state and "this will do no good to Europe". He forecast that a possible referendum on Kosovo's independence may create a precedent for such referenda in Russian republics and did not rule out "a Yugoslav scenario" for Russia. Milosevic accused Albanians in Kosovo of trafficking drugs to Europe. This problem will only aggravate if Kosovo becomes independent, he predicted.

He slammed the West's "unbridled propaganda" against Belarus and attempts "to demonize" Belarusian President Alyaksandr Lukashenka. He also criticized NATO's plans to set up military bases in former Yugoslavia. Milosevic did not rule out the construction of a NATO naval base in Montenegro. He warned that NATO's expansion plans are aimed at securing the bloc's dominance in the world.

He said that NATO's operation against Yugoslavia demonstrated that "Europe was fighting against itself". He criticized Europe's participation in the US "adventures" in Iraq and Afghanistan. Milosevic also criticized the USA and its allies for exerting pressure on other countries under the pretext of combating international terrorism.

Commenting on the March presidential election in Belarus, Milosevic said the West is pressurizing Lukashenka for his independent policies. He added that Yugoslavia experienced similar pressure during a presidential election in his country. He praised Lukashenka for his visit to Belgrade during NATO's bombings and thanked Belarus for support.

Commenting on the death of his brother, he rebuked the Hague tribunal for not allowing Slobodan Milosevic to undergo treatment. Independence costs leaders dearly, he said.

The interview lasted for about 20 minutes. No further processing is planned.

Source: Belarusian television, Minsk, in Russian 1850 gmt 28 Jun 06


Sacred Dardanicum said...

If we want to create Great Albania and also the islamic state then why to create panslavic orthodox countries all across the world.

Does Lukaschenko has any idea if any albanian moslems have fought in Chechenya as islamic fundamentalists or have we cooperated with mujaheding during War on Kosovo?

What we want is to creat another laik country in Kosovo.

Does Lukaschenko knows anything about our preamble of constitution that where is now word that is written like Sharia Law?

So, all slavs in the world open your eyes and see the reality.

mitrovica pika pika said...

"So, all slavs in the world open your eyes and see the reality."

thas like asking a serial killer to acknowledge his sickness and stop killing people.

Dardania 2006 said...

Mitrovica I don't agree.

Its Serbs and Luchachenko, not all Slavs.

Poles, Czecks, Slovaks, they are all great nations.

NYoutlawyer said...

I told you old woman, Mitrovicka picka, to go cook your husband's food and leave politics alone. All you do is spew your dirty venom. Stupid old kurva.

mitrovica pika pika said...

nyouthouselawer, didnt I tell ya to go fuck your mother.

Ron said...

Serbs mark historic disaster day with renewed gloom

Anniversary of battle defeat by Turks highlights loss of Montenegro and Kosovo

Ian Traynor in Banja Luka
Thursday June 29, 2006
The Guardian

On the grimmest day in the Serbian calendar, Dejan recalls the epic defeat more than 600 years ago as if it occurred within the 25-year-old's living memory.
"We were defending all of Europe, trying to save Christianity," the Bosnian Serb says of the 14th-century battle of Kosovo, at which the Balkans fell to the Turks. "We were betrayed." His friend Jovan remembered a more recent "betrayal" on the same fateful date. "That was the day they sent Slobodan Milosevic to The Hague. They should never have done that. It was a very bad symbol," he said.

Article continues



Lowest ebb
Across Serbia yesterday, in the old Serbian monasteries of Kosovo and throughout the Serbian half of Bosnia, soldiers paraded, Orthodox church bells pealed and morose speeches were delivered as Serbs marked the holiday of Vidovdan or St Vitus's Day, a day of disaster that this year finds the core people of the former Yugoslavia at their lowest ebb. Montenegro abandoned its union with Serbia last month and declared independence. The southern Albanian-dominated province of Kosovo is also being taken away. The country's negotiations to join the European Union have been suspended. Later this year the International Court of Justice in The Hague could rule that Serbia was guilty of genocide in Bosnia in the 1990s, leaving the country vulnerable to large reparations claims. To add insult to injury, Serbia and Montenegro were thumped 6-0 by Argentina in the World Cup, the biggest defeat of the tournament.

Braca Grubacic, a Belgrade political analyst, said: "The football in Germany absolutely reflects the mood of the country. It's very depressing. People here are shattered after the loss of Montenegro. Psychologically and politically, it is also very hard to lose Kosovo. We feel as if everyone is leaving us."

Some international officials fear a backlash. An opinion poll in Serbia last week gave the extreme nationalist Serbian Radical party 118 of 250 seats in the Serbian parliament. In Kosovo, as the international community steers the province towards a form of conditional independence later this year, the UN administration is preparing for an exodus of tens of thousands of Serbs. Others among the Serb minority are arming themselves. Nato troops are redeploying to protect the Serb minority and nip in the bud any Serbian attempt to partition Kosovo. In Banja Luka, the main Serb city in Bosnia, nationalists are reviving demands to kill off Bosnia and unite with Serbia. "As Kosovo gets close to a decision [on independence], Belgrade will try every ploy it possesses to stir up secession in Bosnia," said a senior international official in Sarajevo, the Bosnian capital.


Marina Pelemis, a Bosnian Serb student in Banja Luka, said it was only "logical and natural" that the Serbs should have the same rights as the Kosovans and the Montenegrins. "In their souls, the people here would rather be in Serbia. But in their heads it's different. The whole place could collapse socially, financially, politically. People know that."

Senad Slatina, a Bosnian political consultant, said the Bosnian Serbs were "opening a Pandora's box" by reviving talk of secession. "After Kosovo it will be worse. The Serbs are saying 'this is the era of referenda, no one can stop us'."

Visiting Kosovo yesterday for St Vitus' Day in a "private and religious capacity" after obtaining permission from the UN authorities running the province, the beleaguered Serbian prime minister, Vojislav Kostunica, pledged never to give up Kosovo. In London this week he rounded bitterly on the international community after Tony Blair told him he had to choose between Kosovo and the EU.

Mr Grubacic said: "Kostunica blames everyone but himself. He had three pillars to his policy: keeping Montenegro with Serbia, retaining Kosovo, and getting EU negotiations. He's lost two of those and is about to lose the third one."

Hysen Kraja said...

Hwo cares what a stupid idiot like Milosevic brother said?!We as Albanians dont really care what Serbs have to say.Kosova will be Independent by years end.Serbia is nothing more then a terorist state hwo still has Milosevic constition as its main law.Serbia's policies are made by there orhtodoks church wich is run by the bigest Milosevic,Mladic and Karazhic suporter patriach Pavle.
Hell with them we have nothing to do with those killers anymore and since they have no other non serbs to kill anymore maby they shud go back to Siberia (Russa) where there real history is and not Albanian Kosova.
Hysen Kraja,NY

Fatos said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Fatos said...

I find it very funny to see how dumb Serb politicians are. All the world powers (those that matter at least) see Lukashenka as a dictator, and are fervently against him; and now we have Milosevic praising him and demonizing Kosova Albanians. Even IF Albanians were the way he portrayed them, wouldn't you think that nobody would believe him - the person who sees Lukashenka's grab of power as democracy in practice? This shows that Serbs have no concept of democracy.

NYoutlawyer said...

Picka, mother and goat fucking is an albo practice, not Serbian. Sorry old woman, now go and cook your husband's dinner. You should be ashamed, as an older shifter woman, to use such language.

armera said...

I also don't agree with all slavs thinking the same. I know for a fact that Chechs, Slovaks and Poles where I have a lot of business travel don't share this opinion.

You can't generalize Slavs with opinions of a dictator in Belarus and a stupid brother of a former Serbian dictator.

So chil out and disregard this. I am surprised this even makes news!

Sacred Dardanicum said...

Of course Lukashenko is the newest dictator on nowadays time.

We got information that he shut down and radio and TV stations opposing to him.

Belarus after breaking appart from Russia after they have selected for first time Lukashenko as president the Belarus has been going down in every aspect of free speach. It seems that Lukashenko is doing the same as Miloshevic did.

Well it seems that Czech, Poland, and slovak are more moderated. But also the russian politics has change for its good after what russia has suffered in recent 20 years.

No wonder that peoples with profile of Miloshevic will say same for Kosova. Did your learnt what Kostunica did in Gra├žanica. Same as Miloshevic did in 1989. So serbians are not yet democritized. And what is more imporant is that they are postponing their joining to EU. It is not our fault if you postpone the joining to EU.

Last month I think some greece bussinessmen made a meeting in Athina and conluded that in Balkan there are going to be two albanian countries and now we (greeks) have to treat them better as we did up to now.

About the serbian idea that Kosovo shouldn't get the UN seat then they imply that we should joing to albania because they already are. It means that serbians trying to make the Great Serbian are making the Real Albania not the Great Albania because Great Albania would comprimize almost 65% of western balkan territory.

Please sterilize your language becuase you are speaking so dirty and we have an old proverb.

Who insult others, he/she is already insulted.

NYouthlawer your profile matches to and ordinal criminal.

It is a fact that you are now in pensions because I could complain about you and you would be stripped out of your proffesion.

Dardania 2006 said...

I pray NYouthlawer does not represent the Serb nation. Although from experience I am tempted to say he/she does.

Please, Serbs who are normal, respond to this kin of yours and civilize him/her.

mitrovica pika pika said...

"I pray NYouthlawer does not represent the Serb nation. Although from experience I am tempted to say he/she does.

Please, Serbs who are normal, respond to this kin of yours and civilize him/her."

In other words, Keep the bitch on leash!!

Serbs In Kosovo are in Danger said...

That is totally ridiculous comment. It is completely and totally anti-democratic of the west to unilaterally amputate Kosovo from Serbia. Their should be three referendums. One in Serbia about keeping Kosovo, one in Kosovo about becoming independent and one in the Serb areas about staying under Belgrade. That would be Democratic. Anything else is totally undemocratic.

NYoutlawyer said...

Picka, I told you to go back to the kitchen, you old albo hag. You are without question, the most ignorant old woman I have ever seen on a blog site. Let's pray that other albos are a bit smarter and more civil. You must have been jilted by a Serbian man when you were younger. Let your anger go. It will kill you.

mitrovica pika pika said...

nyouthouselwaer take that black cock out of your mouth no one can understand you mumbling like that.

NYoutlawyer said...

Why do you use Blacks in a condesending way picka, are ALL albos racists? Or is it just you, old woman?

Sacred Dardanicum said...

NYoutlawyer shut up.

After the determination of Kosova's status I will request from Strassbourgh to commence doing DNA test for all serbians and I believe that only 35% of its population has clear roots from slavs other are assimilated from albanians-illyrians, tharcians, and other roman descendants.

The quite opposite that serbians have said toward albanians origine.

My only wish is if I could return to 3 century AD to tell to Roman empire and illyrians also to thracians to build a wall so you slavs never could be in able to reach Balkan pennisula.

NYoutlawyer said...

Suck my sacred dick, dardanicum, you filthy racist shitpar. You dirty maggots that converted to islam because you were cowards, are the problem in Europe, not brave Slavs.

mitrovica pika pika said...

"not brave Slavs."

you probably mean rapist slavs.

NYoutlawyer said...

Wrong picka (pussy), I do not know any Serbians that are rapists, do you? If some rapes occurred during war, and they always do, are categorizing everyone?

You are a stupid old albo hag, go cook for your husband. And then go fuck your goats.

Anonymous said...

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