Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Serbian premier tells Blair independent Kosovo would destabilize region

[Presenter] Serbian Premier Vojislav Kostunica has held talks in London with British Premier Tony Blair and Minister for Europe Geoff Hoon on resolving the issues of Kosovo-Metohija and cooperation with the Hague tribunal. Kostunica informed his British counterpart on Belgrade's stance that the solution to the province's status must be sought within the framework of international law and that Serbia is ready to give Kosovo more autonomy than any other region in Europe. [Reporting] From London Bojan Brkic:

[Reporter Bojan Brkic] Even though the British media had said that Tony Blair would openly tell the Serbian premier that his government was dissatisfied because Serbia was not preparing for the fact that Kosovo would be independent, Premier Kostunica said after the meeting that no such thing occurred and that Tony Blair was more interested in Belgrade's stance and plans. Kostunica informed him that the independence of Kosovo would destabilize the region and Serbia was prepared to negotiate on the widest possible autonomy, one which does not exist in any other European country.

The second topic of the talks was the suspension of negotiations on Serbia joining the European Union because of incomplete cooperation with the Hague tribunal. Premier Kostunica said that in Serbia, not only was there the political will to arrest Ratko Mladic, but this was being done thoroughly and it was unproductive to have the whole country in a stalemate because of one fugitive. The most significant outcome of this part of the talks was that Tony Blair, according to Kostunica, endorsed the idea of Serbia continuing negotiations with Brussels and receiving assistance in cooperation with the Hague [tribunal].

Source: RTS 1 TV, Belgrade, in Serbian 1300 gmt 27 Jun 06


Fatos said...

It is lovely to see how all the Serbian premier cares is... you guessed it - the region :). If the region is destabilized Serbia has only to gain, which makes the Serbian premier appear very dumb (to think he can convince anyone with his destabilization stories). In a way, having Kostunica talk about independence means that he knows that the rest of the world supports it and he wants to change that. We all know he will be (he already knows but the rest of his nation will be) very disappointed at this endeavors.

ilir said...

Why am I not surprised? this is the same language the Milosevic regime used. No difference. If Kosova has any relationship with Serbia - this is what would destabilize the whole region, Mr. K(allashnikov)ostunica.