Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Bushes See Sites, Answer Public Questions in Austria

Tears rolled down the cheeks of some White House aides as that same questioner, a woman named Rezarta Gashi, expressed gratitude for the U.S.-NATO intervention in Kosovo in 1999.

She gave Bush her thanks, although he wasn't involved. Bill Clinton was president at the time; Bush was governor of Texas.

"The intervention of 1999, of the American troops along with NATO partners, has enabled me to be a participant today at this round-table," Gashi said. "Otherwise, most of all, I would have had the tragic fate of my father, a prominent university professor and minister of agriculture, as well, who was murdered in the war."

Tears flowed from Bush communications director Nicole Wallace and Anita McBride, the first lady's chief of staff, while the president and Laura Bush listened intently.

Bush clenched his jaw. The first lady had a stern look on her face.

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