Saturday, November 20, 2004

UNMIK staff was ready to evacuate during Haradinaj’s interview

Koha Ditore reports on the front page that UNMIK was expecting riots while the AAK leader, Ramush Haradinaj, was being interviewed by the ICTY.

The paper quotes its sources as saying that UNMIK security chief sent an email to his dependants in the regional and municipal UNMIK headquartes: “Please contact your staff in your area confirm whether they have prepared their evacuation bags”. The document urges those who have done so to keep an “emergency bag not heavier than 15 kg containing only basic items and have on them no less than 400 Euros in cash, UN identification card, national passport and laissez-passes for a quick evacuation”. The article goes on listing additional items such as towels, toilet materials, medicines, a flash light and clothes. In his letter distributed to UNMIK personnel, chief of UNMIK security informs them that in the morning hours of 10 November riots connected to the interview of KLA leader by ICTY were expected.

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