Thursday, November 04, 2004

Albanians "believe" Kosovo to get independence during Bush second term

Following re-election of George W. Bush as the president of the United States, Kosova [Kosovo] institutions hope that the Republican administration will be further engaged in solving Kosova's final status.

Muhamet Hamiti, spokesperson for the president of Kosova, told KosovaLive: "We expect the will of Kosova people for independence will be recognized by the United States, EU and the rest of the world. We believe that this issue will be solved during this term of Bush administration."

Hamiti said that the United States has "always" been burdened with solving global issues, including "state building", which is happening today in Kosova.

Kosova government said that the US foreign policy be it with Republicans or with Democrats has not any significant changes, when it comes to Kosova.

[Kosovo government] Spokesperson Mimoza Kusari said that the United States has a great role in the region. She said that "most of Kosovars were pro-Democrat, for they are emotionally tied with the US military intervention in Kosova in 1999".

"We look forward that Republicans will also focus on Kosova in the coming four years, given that here is an important process that has to be accomplished," she said adding that it was Bush's administration, which set up the timeframes for resolving Kosova's status. "Furthermore Kosovars want a larger US presence during the process of determination of Kosova's status."

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