Monday, November 15, 2004

Kosovo war associations condemn beginning of trial of ex-KLA members

Leaders of the associations that have emerged from the war of the former UCK [Kosovo Liberation Army] have said in Prishtina that they will always stand up in defence of the war values and will raise their voice against all attacks against the UCK and its commanders.

This was said by representatives of the three associations that have emerged from the UCK war - the ShVL [War Veterans Association], ShIL [War Invalids Association] and the ShFD [Martyrs' Families Association] - today at the press conference held on the occasion of the beginning of the trial against Fatmir Limaj, Isak Musliu and Hajredin Balaj.

ShIL chairman Faik Fazliu said that his association condemned in the strongest terms the premeditated actions of the Serbian police and judicial bodies in cooperation with UNMIK [UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo], which have been raising accusations against Albanians for alleged criminal offences at this very sensitive stage for the people of Kosova.

"We regard these games played by Serbia with the help of the Hague tribunal [International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia - ICTY] and parts of UNMIK as having nothing to do with the true mission of the Hague tribunal, but as an attempt to equate the actions of the aggressor with the defensive actions of the victim," Fazliu said.

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