Wednesday, November 03, 2004


The final results of Kosovo's October 23 parliamentary elections, released by the UN Mission in Kosovo in Pristina on Wednesday, confirmed the victory for Ibrahim Rugova's Democratic Alliance of Kosovo.#L# With 45.42 percent of the vote, the party led by Kosovo President Rugova came top with 47 seats in the 120-seat parliament. The Democratic Party of Kosovo won 28.85 percent of the vote and 30 seats. The Alliance for Kosovo's Future follows with 8.39 percent of the vote and nine seats in parliament and the List of Citizens gathered in the civil initiative called ORA with 6.23 percent and seven seats in parliament, while the Albanian Christian Democratic Party of Kosovo won two seats. Representatives of Serbs and other minorities also have their representatives in parliament because 20 seats had been reserved for them in advance.

Of other Albanian parties, the Party of Justice, the People's Movement of Kosovo and the Liberal Party of Kosovo also won one seat each. Parties can appeal the election results within 48 hours, after which the UN Civil Administrator in Kosovo, Soeren Jessen Petersen, can confirm the final election results. According to this election results, none of the political parties in Kosovo is able to form a government on its own, so the main task in the coming days is to form a coalition. (Hina) it.

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