Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Two main Kosovo parties agree distribution of posts and ministries

The Democratic League of Kosova [Kosovo], the LDK, and the Alliance for the Future of Kosova, the AAK, have completed their talks on the formation of the new government. No names have been made public yet, although this had initially been announced for today.

[Reporter] Although the coalition partners had said that they would announce the composition of the coalition government, this did not happen. Our sources within the coalition government tell us that the Democratic League of Kosova does not have a list of names of those who will head the ministries, whereas the party spokesperson said the names would be published tomorrow [23 November]. It is now known that the Democratic League of Kosova and the Albanian Christian Democratic Party, the PShDK, will head the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, the Ministry of Economy and Finance, Ministry of Public Services, Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture, Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications, and the Ministry of Local Government which is in the process of formation. Meanwhile, the other partner in the government coalition, the Alliance for the Future of Kosova, will have four ministries. According to a senior party official, the Ministry of Environment and Town Planning will be headed by Bajram Kosumi, the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare by Ahmet Isufi, the Ministry of Trade and Industry by Bujar Dugolli and the Ministry of Energy by Ethem Ceku. According to our sources within the coalition partners, the Ministry of Return and Minorities will be headed by Serb minority representatives, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development by the Bosniak coalition Vakat and the Ministry of Health by the Turkish Democratic Party of Kosova.

The new Kosova Assembly will be constituted at the beginning of next month. According to a senior LDK official, the first session will be held in the middle of next week, while denying media speculation about an earlier agreement that it would take place on 24 November.

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