Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Kosovo Albanians block crossroads in capital, demand to know fate of missing

The families of the missing persons started a three-day protest in Prishtina blocking the crossroads which links Agim Ramadani and Mother Theresa Streets.

The protesters are demanding finding of missing persons and bringing immediately to Kosova [Kosovo] the mortal remains of those found in mass graves in Serbia.

"It is not known yet for the fate of 3,500 missing persons. In the meantime, the mortal remains of at least 700 Kosova Albanians are still in the mass graves in Serbia. Something should be done to return them," says Nusrete Kumnova, from the Mothers' Appeal Association.

She said that the international community should increase the pressure on Belgrade, following the admittance of some authorities there that there are some 17 mass graves in Serbia.

"We cannot wait any longer. This is unfair and intolerable. Our institutions and UNMIK [UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo] are postponing this issue. We will not allow that," she said.

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