Friday, November 19, 2004

Kosovo's Surroi expects coalition government to be "incompetent, corrupt" Kosovo's Surroi expects coalition government to be "incompetent, corrupt"

Hour Civic Initiative leader Veton Surroi has said today that he accepts the agreement between the LDK [Democratic League of Kosovo] and AAK [Alliance for the Future of Kosovo] on a governing coalition, but added that the creation of a government without a program meant that it would be incompetent and corrupt.

Surroi made these comments after a meeting with UNMIK [UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo] head Soeren Jessen-Petersen, whom he had briefed about his party's future plans and Hour's view that this coalition could lead to a crisis in government.

"I have wished Rugova and Haradinaj success in their efforts. We accept it as a good step, but we also regard it as bad, because the government that is about to be formed has no programme. Furthermore, we have another problem facing our political system, which is relations with the Hague tribunal," Surroi said.

He also said that he had always maintained that future governments should have a governing program and not just be formed to meet the needs of communities. He added, "We will not take part in such a government."

Surroi also reiterated his position that Hour had maintained from the beginning that it would be in opposition and would play a constructive role. He added that Hour was not going to give up its four objectives: the constitution, decentralization, talks with Serbia, and talks on Kosova [Kosovo].

Asked about the Hague tribunal, he said that he was not a spokesman for the tribunal, but his view was that their statements indicate that, by the end of this year, an indictment would be filed against Kosovars. [Passage omitted]

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