Monday, November 29, 2004

Kosovo: Ruling party explains reasons for replacing

"LDK says it unanimously changed its ministers" by Kosovo Albanian newspaper Koha Ditore on 25 November

Prishtina [Pristina], 24 November: One day before coming out with the official list of new ministerial appointments, the LDK [Democratic League of Kosovo] presidency and its chairman Ibrahim Rugova removed its ministers from the posts that they have held so far and replaced them with new people.

LDK spokesperson Lulzim Zeneli said that the replacement of this party's ministers was done unanimously by the chairman and presidency leadership of this party, whereas minister "in transition", Behxhet Brajshori, stated that he is very surprised by this decision.

The decision to change the hitherto ministers of the LDK, according to Zeneli, came as a result of the political philosophy that aims at advancing new cadres based on the "internal competition of the LDK."

"The decision to propose ministers was within the acceleration of the process to form the institutions and we have made adequate decisions," Zeneli stated.

Asked to comment on the selection of candidates for ministers proposed from municipal leaderships and not from the centre of the party, Zeneli gave a general answer.

"The proposed candidates are members of the central presidency and they have proven to be successful in managing various situations. There are many elements that have made us choose them," he said, explaining the motives of his party's proposals. [passage omitted]

Asked why the LDK has decided to propose these personalities and not any others from the municipalities that are considered influential centres of the LDK, Zeneli stated, "The LDK is a large party and it has many cadres. We have decided in favour of the proposed ones in an enviable competition."

Asked if the replacement happened because of the dissatisfaction with the work of the ones replaced, Zeneli said, "This is not true at all."

"On the contrary, we are very pleased with their work and we thank them for this," the LDK spokesperson outlined.

"There is a democratic culture within the LDK and the decisions that are made here have a sustainable base," Zeneli stated, rejecting the rumours that he was also a potential candidate for one of the ministerial posts. [passage omitted]

"Shaking" Zeneli's statement

Behxhet Brajshori, who held the post of the minister of culture, sports and non-residential issues in the government led by Bajram Rexhepi, "shook" LDK Spokesperson Lulzim Zeneli's statement. He openly expressed dissatisfaction with the decision made by the LDK.

"I was very surprised by the party's decision," Brajshori said, when asked how he received the LDK's decision. He refused to comment any further on this, however. "This is my lengthiest possible comment for the time being," Brajshori said over the phone. [passage omitted]

In the meantime, even though he agreed to make a statement for the newspaper, Rexhep Osmani, minister of education, science and technology, had a short answer.

Asked to comment on how he received the LDK's decision to replace him, Osmani said, "Normally".

"The party's decisions are received normally," he added politely, without agreeing to answer other questions. [passage omitted]

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