Wednesday, August 16, 2006

US envoy rules out partition of Kosovo

Text of report by Radio-Television Kosovo TV website on 15 August

The international community does not accept partition of Kosova [Kosovo] and I do not understand what Serbs would gain from a divided Kosova, head of the US office in Prishtina [Pristina] Tina Kaidanow has said. Not only me, but all representatives of the Contact Group were clear about this issue. There will be no partition of Kosova. The reason is very simple - this will bring no gain and I think that Kosova Serbs would definitely have no gains from partition, assessed Kaidanow. She also added that issues which would interest her if she were a citizen of Kosova would have to do with everyday life, issues such as healthcare and education of children.

Source: RTK TV website, Pristina, in Albanian 15 Aug 06

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