Tuesday, August 01, 2006

5 of 13 priority points of the Contact Group implemented (

Zëri reports that the central institutions of Kosovo, the Government and Assembly, have so far implemented at least five out of 13 points for the implementation of standards that were laid out as priority by the Contact Group.

Kosovo Government’s Coordinator for Standards Avni Arifi told the paper that currently the Fund for Minority Media is concluding, namely it has been distributed to all beneficiaries, the Independent Media Commission has been completed with the Assembly appointing the fifth member, the director of the Anti-Corruption Agency has been elected, funds for returns have been allocated to the institutions responsible for returns, and the Law on the Official Usage of Languages and the Law on Religious Freedoms have been adopted.

Arifi added that “there are two issues left that the Assembly must do, namely the second reading of the Law on Cultural Heritage and its approval, and the amendment of the Law on Public Procurement. We believe this will be finished in the first assembly session after the holidays.”

Arifi also told the paper that as for the project for rebuilding the March 2004 damages, the Kosovo Protection Corps has conducted all the necessary analysis “and we expect this program to be finished as soon as possible”.

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