Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Kosovo TV reports work begun on setting up intelligence service

Text of report by Radio-Television Kosovo TV website on 22 August

Even though there is no official permission to start the forming of a Kosova Intelligence Service the Kosova Prime Minister Agim Ceku has authorized experts to start working on a draft strategy and draft laws on the intelligence service, Kosova government Spokeswoman Ulpiana Lama said. Kosova [Kosovo] will need the final product right after the resolution of the status issue. So far, there has been work on terms of reference, financial implications, staff, time frameworks, and how the transfer of these competencies will be carried out. The work has just started, Lama added.

As in many other areas, the undefined status of Kosova is seen as a real obstacle for the creation of an intelligence service. Recently the government of Kosova received in principle permission from UNMIK to start preparations on drafting a framework for the future intelligence service as part of the Internal Security Sector Review, ISSR official Michael Page said. However, this permission is insufficient for the relevant Kosova authorities to deal with all the preparations to establish institutions of this nature. For the creation of a Kosova intelligence service it is very important that the status of Kosova is resolved as soon as possible and to be clearly known whether Kosova will have this service or not, because until then we cannot work on details, as it is not known what status Kosovo will get, Page added.

Regarding the creation of an embryonic intelligence service in Kosova, Page stressed that it is a complex issue to create a professional, apolitical service which would not serve certain political parties, but would focus on the protection of Kosova. It is very important to hire professional and qualified staff for any future intelligence service. The basic criterion is to follow the law and serve protection of security in Kosova, and not someone's political or party interests, Page said.

Source: RTK TV website, Pristina, in Albanian 1627 gmt 22 Aug 06

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