Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Çeku: Kosovo ready to be independent

In his weekly speech on Radio Kosova, which was covered by the daily papers, Kosovo PM Ceku talked about status negotiations as well as about challenges that await Kosovo in this process. In this aspect, Ceku said that Kosovo cannot follow an isolationist policy.

“We are unfolding in front of the civilized world our vision for Kosovo’s state. We are showing that we can assume responsibilities that belong to us. We are convincing them that Kosovo is an independent, democratic, normal, functioning, multiethnic and with a perspective to develop,” said Çeku in his weekly radio address, dailies report.

Definition of the status will give a new momentum to economic development in Kosovo. “Clarity and political stability generate economic development,” Çeku said. The status will have two immediate effects; organizing a big donors conference and Kosovo will have the right to get loans from international financing institutions.

The PM appreciated that both the Government and opposition representatives are together participating in Vienna talks and said that in this way they have legitimized the name of ‘team of unity’.

Çeku said further that Kosovo has potential to develop and that there is obvious interest among foreign investors to come here in Kosovo, and this will directly create job opportunities and will indirectly help the entire economy.

However, the PM further said, there are no illusions that things will straighten up overnight and that whoever says that it is using ‘demagogy’. He called on the people of Kosovo for mature and responsible behavior while facing challenges after the status has been solved.

“It is important to be psychologically prepared for the difficulties that will ensue following the solution of the status. Challenges of growth require mature and responsible behavior. We are all supposed to follow this logic,” Çeku said.

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