Monday, August 21, 2006

Contact Group alarms Belgrade (Dailies)

Dailies report that according to the Serbian media the Contact Group has sent Serbian leaders a letter saying that the months to come are decisive, therefore they should use them.

Contact Group ‘pulls the ear’ of Belgrade, writes Kosova Sot. According to the paper both sides in Kosovo are expected to show mutual understanding at this sensitive stage of talks, while Belgrade should influence leaders in the north of Kosovo to promote constructive actions and to calm down the situation.

Express on front-page headlined Contact Groups alerts Belgrade and writes that the CG in its letter has also expressed its strong support to UN Status Envoy Martti Ahtisaari and advises both parties to use the upcoming meetings for solving essential issues rather than concentrating on procedural ones. The paper citing Belgrade daily Politka writes that CG has also urged Belgrade to show more flexibility on decentralization and cultural heritage talks as well as to participate in meetings regarding community rights.

Moreover, the paper writes, CG has also called on Kosovo Serbs to join Kosovo institutions as the best way for realizing their interests since any further continuation of boycotting would only harm them.

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