Thursday, August 03, 2006

32 enterprises put up for sale in Kosovo's privatization effort

PRISTINA, Serbia (AP) - A privatization agency in Kosovo on Thursday put up for sale patches of agricultural land, a shopping center and administrative buildings throughout the province in an effort to revive its depressed economy.

The Kosovo Trust Agency launched the 18th round of privatization in an effort to sell the companies, which were once owned by their workers and managers under a system set up during communist-era Yugoslavia, a statement said.

The U.N.-run Kosovo Trust Agency, the entity in charge of privatization, hopes to create 39 new companies once the sales are completed. Some of those firms are considered inefficient and dilapidated after years of neglect.

While most of the companies will be sold to the highest bidder, potential buyers for several firms will have to provide an investment plan and social conditions for workers.

The province's privatization agency, responsible for putting the firms on solid legal footing, wants private entrepreneurs to assume the risk of modernizing the industries.

Privatization is among the most sensitive issues in Kosovo, which was placed under U.N. administration in 1999 following NATO air strikes that ended a Serb crackdown on independence-seeking ethnic Albanians.

The process of privatization in Kosovo is complex in part because it is unclear whether the province will become independent or remain linked to Serbia, with Belgrade authorities fiercely opposed to privatizations.

U.N.-brokered talks to resolve the dispute over Kosovo's final status are under way.


ivan said...


Very interesting article, however I find it very strange that she conducted the field work ten months after the incident and then all of a suddent she decided to speak about it two years after the incident. And from another source, her initial report stated that there was no massacre and that all of the victims had gun powder on their hands. Now we get the excuse that they didn’t have ammunition in their pockets. Well ofcourse not, if the UCK terrorists changed their clothes, they would have made sure that no signs of weapons would be found on the bodies. However I still find it very amusing that she forgot to mention that all of the victims had same military boots.


“Albania never fought with Serbia for a free Kosova. Albanians in KOSOVA did”

Same thing with Serbia and Bosnia, it was Serbs in Bosnia who were fighting the war, we just supported them, the same way you were supported by the recruitments from Albania in the UCK terrorist rows.

“If you think that Mexicans like a life under the Mexican govt better than you have got to do a lot of catching up.”

I am glad you mentioned this, because your above sentence explains why Albanians immigrate to any country the first chance they get. Kosovo after the second world war was an example of mass Albanian immigration. Western Europe I don’t even need to mention. Greece 10 years ago did not have more than 100 albanians in Athens. Now there are more than 400,000. Why do your people immigrate? Is it because you love your government?
“Im sure Europe has electricity, mostly because they didnt have to deal with animals like we did, who destroyed everything that was ours”

What was yours ? hahaha. Let me just remind you that unemployment was always extremely high in Kosovo, and I remember all the programs in Serbia of helping Kosovo. Each Serb had to give up one salary for the benefit of Kosovo. So those plants were not build by the Albanian tax payers money, but the Serbian sacrifice in order to help you. Also let me remind you that these plants were taken care of by Serbs for the last 10 years since you boycotted to work. So please use your logic, if I build it with my money, and then I took care of that , how does that make it yours. And besides you had more than 2 bilion euros invested into you, and I wonder where did this money go?

“Your posts are lacking reasoning”

Please spare me the BS. IF you have problems reading and comprehending, don’t blame it on serbs again.


It seems to me that you didn’t get laid for a long time.

“As the international community has had a presence in Kosova now for over 7 years, they have come to respect Kosovar Albanian society as not only secular, but extremely hospitable and tolerant”

Here is an addition to your above comment….. “ they proved this in March 2004 where they wanted to show their secularism by destroying every single possible church that was on their way. Their hospitality is beyond words, they have a tradition to greet people of different ethnic origin by throwing stones at their vehicles when they pass by. IF they have ammunition , they will use it instead of stones, and they are very sensitive on children as well. When they see children of different ethnicality, they get so happy that they take a rifle and shoot at these children. But this is an Albanian way of saying “ welcome” “

Fatos said...
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Fatos said...

WOW - Ivan you are actually more blind than I initially thought. I cant believe that you cannot read something in context. The comment about Albaniand in Kosova and not in Albania was used to explain to you that I was speaking about Mexicans in the US not in Mexico. Mexicans in the US were here before the Brits came - which compares to Albanians that lived in Kosova land long time before your people came - do you get it now?

And please read everything I say - dont make me repeat my comments. You helped Serbs in Bosnia with thousands of soldiers, aircraft and tanks, while Albania was only used to get into Kosova - there was no other way - thats hugely different.

hahahah Serbs paid one salary to help their (Albanian) brothers in Kosova - this is the funniest comment ever. First they help us with "their money" (although they have been starving for as long as theyve lived, and thus steal from others and occupy other land) and then try to wipe us all out :) and steal even the pension fund after the war - very unpredictable wouldnt you say.

So what are you trying to say with "always high unemployment in Kosova" comment? Albanians are guilty right?

NYoutlawyer said...

Fucking borders have historically changed throughout the world, you albaniac maggots. Most of you you fuckers have fled from albania (bet there are more living outside the country than in it), why? kosovo was a convenient place to flee too, for the less adventurous shiptars. Does not matter though, wherever you are, it's a shithole.

bogartwhite said...

I say give those pieces of crap away. all that yugoslav soviet era technology is useless garbage. They should just level the place and start from scratch since those commie serbs were stuck in the stoneage.

Better dead then red...commie slavs!

frederick said...
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frederick said...
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