Thursday, July 27, 2006

UNSC reportedly to vote on conditional independence for Kosovo

Text of report by Radio-Television Kosovo TV on 26 July

[Announcer] The UN Security Council will vote on special conditional independence [for Kosovo] in November this year, international sources have told RTK. UN special envoy for Kosovo status talks Martti Ahtisaari will recommend to the UN Security Council an imposed solution for Kosova [Kosovo], justifying this with the fact that the sides cannot reach a compromise on anything, the source said.

[Reporter] After the meeting of the top Pristina and Belgrade officials in Vienna, it is clear to the international community as to when and how Kosova's status will be solved. The source briefed RTK on the five point agenda for solving the Kosova issue.

1. Several high level meetings are foreseen in August and September. In September there will be another meeting of the elephants [Kosovo and Serbian leaders].

2. In November 2006 at a regular session of the United Nations, UN special envoy for Kosovo status talks Martti Ahtisaari will give his recommendation for Kosova's future status. Specifically, it is expected that sui generis independence will be proposed, or a special case which is expected to be approved by the members of the UN Security Council. However, this does not mean that the resolution will have immediate effect.

3. It is expected that after this UNMIK will enter the transitory phase to the international civilian mission. This phase will last at least six months, which means that the European Union will place its mission under the mandate of the United Nations, especially in the filed of justice, minorities and economy. During this time the finalizing of Kosova's new constitution is expected.

4. After this comes "Status Day" or the day UNMIK and Resolution 1244 expire and the implementation of the new status and new resolution start.

5. After this it is expected that elections will be announced and several basic laws changed.

According to the source, UN special envoy for Kosovo status talks Martti Ahtisaari has achieved its aim of bringing Albanians and Serbs into the game with the top meeting in Vienna. Ahtisaari will now recommend to the UN Security Council an imposed solution for Kosova, explaining that the sides cannot reach a compromise on anything.

Source: RTK TV, Pristina, in Albanian 1730 gmt 26 Jul 06


Les Evenchick said...

Kosova should be granted full and unrestricted independence immediately.

It was never willingly a part of Serbia(going back to the 1800's and early 1900's.

The UN and Nato should withdraw as they created most of the problems currently facing kosova.

I have no personal Kosova or Albanian connections but have come to these conclusions by following the balkan wars in detail over the last 10 or so years.

Les Evenchick
New orleans

Fellow Peacekeeper said...

The Russians, the Russians. What happens if the Russian or Chinese use their veto? Has anyone anywhere seen a Plan B?

Fatos said...

Fellow peacekeepers, do you really think that you are the only one to think of this? I wouldnt think so.

Russia has already (behind Serbia's back) agreed with the other countries in the contact group. As you can read, independence is a reality.

Fatos said...

I dont really like how the media is detailing the whole status process - although I believe they are correct - it will make the declaration of independence less exciting if we already know how it is going to happen, you know what im saying :).

mitrovica pika pika said...

I find disconcerting the attitude of Albanians regarding Kosova status. Conditional or supervised independence is a sham. We will have EU on our backs for a very long time and even after this time we will have limited sovereign as per EU constitution. If Serbia joins EU before us we will have to jump through even more hoops than we are doing right now. And even if we manage to somehow jump through those hoops they will still find some other conditions to fuck with us. We need to ge back to basics, first secure freedom and then everhing else falls into place.