Monday, July 10, 2006

Premier appreciates US "extraordinary help, support" for Albania

Text of report in English by Albanian news agency ATA

Tirana, 10 July: US Assistant Secretary of State Dan Fried expressed Monday [10 July] the appraisals of the US government for the important reforms undertaken by the Albanian government and the personal contribution of Prime Minister [Sali] Berisha in the direction of these reforms. The appraisals were made known by Fried during a meeting held in Dubrovnik, Croatia, with Prime Minister Sali Berisha.

According to the Council of Ministers press office, Freid thanked heartily Prime Minister Berisha for the excellent relations and close cooperation between Albania and the United States. During the meeting the US assistant secretary of state encouraged Prime Minister Berisha for further deepening of these relations.

Fried praised the messages of peace, tolerance and integration that Prime Minister Berisha conveyed to Kosova [Kosovo] people and political leaders during his visit to Kosova and he also praised the important moderate role of Albania in the region.

Prime Minister Berisha thanked Fried for the extraordinary help and support given by the United States to Albania during these years, especially the help for NATO membership. The prime minister stated that "the meeting with Vice-President Cheney in May and the present meeting are a expression of this support."

The prime minister said that the NATO membership is an absolute priority of the Albanian government, which is undertaking everyday necessary structural reforms, helped by American consultancy, in order to meet the membership standards".

Freid stressed that even though in Riga summit there would be no NATO invitation for any country, the summit would make clear that NATO's door are open. Prime Minister Sali Berisha is taking part in the summit of the heads of states and government of the Southeastern Europe in Dubrovnik. Attending the meeting are also the representative of EU countries and the United States.

Source: ATA news agency, Tirana, in English 1602 gmt 10 Jul 06

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