Tuesday, July 04, 2006

FC Barcelona staging football coaching camp in Kosovo

PRISTINA – Representatives of UNMIK and the Football Club Barcelona will
give a press conference today to mark the successful start to a partnership
that will foster the use of Sports to promote peace and reconciliation and
to develop Kosovo’s potential in football.

Mr. Julio Alberto, former professional football player of FC Barcelona,
Atletico Madrid and the Spanish National Team, has been giving courses on
modern football - both theory and practice - to more than 200 children and
80 coaches in the Municipalities of Prizren, Suhareke/Suva Reka, Pristina
and Mitrovica. The six-day training camp will conclude on Wednesday, 5

The coaching camp is the beginning of a long-term cooperation between
Kosovo (UNMIK and the PISG) and the Football Club of Barcelona. The contact
between the two parties was initiated by the official “Barca” Fan Club
(“Penya”) of Kosovo. Mr.Victor Beceiro, representative from the FC
Barcelona Board and for the “Barca Penyas” throughout the world, personally
assessed the facilities for football in Kosovo. Potential areas of support
were discussed and UNMIK sent a draft agreement to FC Barcelona in March
2006. Full support for the agreement was reached in recent meetings between
representatives of FC Barcelona and Mrs. Patricia Waring, Head of the UNMIK
Department of Civil Administration, as well as UNICEF.


Fatos said...

So I guess the Republic of Kosova will qualify for World Cup 2010.

Cvijus011 said...

hahahahahahahahaha :)

NYoutlawyer said...

The closest kosovo albaniacs will get to the world cup is if they steal it. Which is a strong possibility with shifters.

Fatos said...

Serbia 0 - Argentina 6 --- I am ashamed of my neighboring country :), and happy at the same time that the game was only 90 mins otherwise Argentina would be in double digits.

NYoutlawyer said...

By then fatso, there was no country, but two. What did you expect? BTW, how well did the albaniacs do?

Another BTW, how are you guys going to play with those conehead hats you wear? Won't they get in the way?

srbija said...
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Kristian said...

To: All

A joke by an Argentinian here in the USA!

"we were trying to tell serbia at one time you had six republics but now you have none!"

Not my joke so don't bother chastizing me for it! But it makes sense.

Never the less it was the worst defeat in World Cup history!

Better luck next time!

Peace to all!

Dardania 2006 said...

omg that is such a great joke...thx Kristian

Lets put those cone hats we have and play monkey, since nyoutlawyer-racista wants it...

Visit Prishtina said...

Netherlands 6:1 Yugoslavia
Argentina 6:0 Serbia and Montenegro

Well guys, I'd rather cheer Argentina, Brazil or Italy on than have my nation humiliated in front of the whole world.

No sporting event is followed more than the FIFA World Cup, and I'd rather humilate the reigning European Champions (i.e. Greece) once at home than go to the World Cup and be humiliated by others.

Dear neighbours, 2006 has been a very difficult year for you, but I am afraid it will get worse before it gets any better for you.

Greetings from the Dardanian capital, Ulpianum.

NYoutlawyer said...

You f'ing albaniacs are such petty little pricks. S/M did lose badly, they played without spirit. But someone else's defeat does not make you better. You are still nothing, the worst and lowest on the EU food chain.

If there was a world cup for begging, you would be champions without a dought.

Peace to some of you.

Cvijus011 said...

the even worse thing is that albanians never qualified for anything, neither the European nor the World Cup and they dare to open their mouths. We were at least there and you were nowhere so husshhh

Imagine what would happen if Albania palyed against Argentina. 20-0 for Argentina.

ivan said...


dont be so arrogant, albanians are masters in throwing stones :))

NYoutlawyer said...

If the albaniacs were losing to Serbia at half time, I'm sure the US would come in and rescue them.

Kristian said...
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Kristian said...

To: the last 3 comments

NO matter what in world history you will be known as the country that has the worst record in World Cup History!

Can't erase that! Even if you claim they played without spirit!

There was one Albanian from Kosovo/a at the world cup. He played for Switzerland. Maybe you guys oversaw that fact! One this time and a few more the next and so on....

And remember Albania proper is its own country and the majority of Albanians on this blog are either of Kosovan descent or are actual Kosovans. So lets see what happens from this World Cup onwards!

Rupinder said...

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