Friday, July 07, 2006

NATO seeks ways to allay Serbia's isolation

BRUSSELS, July 7 (Reuters) - NATO is looking at ways to allay a growing sense of isolation in Serbia, possibly with an offer of closer ties short of a full partnership, alliance diplomats said on Friday.

The alliance has denied Serbia and its neighbour Bosnia entry to its Partnership for Peace programme, the first rung on the ladder to possible membership, until fugitive Bosnian Serb war crimes suspects General Ratko Mladic and wartime leader Radovan Karadzic are brought to international justice.

But now Montenegro has ended its union with Serbia and Kosovo is set to go its own way, NATO fears its tough line will play into the hands of an anti-Western camp in Serbia.

That concern is compounded by the fact that the European Union also suspended pre-membership talks in May after Belgrade failed to meet a deadline to arrest Mladic.

"There is a deep sense of frustration in Belgrade and a risk of radicalisation of the political landscape," said one senior NATO diplomat who requested anonymity.

"The question is: how can we give Belgrade encouragement without giving up on the policy of conditionality," he said of the longstanding condition that Serbia must deliver Mladic to the U.N. war crimes tribunal before it can join the partnership.

Possible steps will be outlined when Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica meets U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in Washington on July 11.

U.S. envoy to Serbia Michael Polt said this week the visit would be devoted to "improving the situation in Serbia and bilateral relations which are not based only on the political status of Kosovo or whether Mladic is in the Hague or not".


One idea is that Serbia could receive unprecedented observer status in the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council (EAPC), the 46-country forum in which NATO allies discuss security and political issues with 20 mainly east European partners.

NATO, which conducted an 11-week bombing campaign against Belgrade in 1999 to drive Serb forces out of Kosovo, is also due to appoint a liaison officer soon to work at the Serbian Defence Ministry on military cooperation.

"The idea is to split the difference between where we are now and full Partnership for Peace," a second senior alliance diplomat said, adding that any agreed formula would have to be applied to Bosnia too.

No concrete proposal has yet been put forward. The United States is among those pushing for early steps to reach out to Belgrade, while others such as Britain are in less of a hurry.

"It could be part of a Kosovo end-game package," said the second diplomat of U.N.-backed talks which the West hopes will by year-end confirm Kosovo's future as an independent state.

Supporters of the NATO outreach move say it must come before elections which raise the risk of Serbia being turned over to ultranationalist, anti-Western parties.

There is constant media speculation there will be early elections by the end of the year, but diplomatic sources say Kostunica wants to hold on until early 2007.

The EU is also looking at ways to reach out to Serbia despite the war crimes obstacle.

EU foreign ministers agreed last month on the need to support Serbia's "European perspective" and make it easier for young Serbians to get visas to travel to EU countries. Enlargement Commissioner Olli Rehn visited Belgrade this week to discuss a way forward.


NYoutlawyer said...

NATO and the Hague must be investigated. They must show proof for their claims.

This may be one of the West's greatest coverups.

betabe said...

Wake up

Fatos said...
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Fatos said...

Kosova Evidence - the movie for the illiterates out there.

WARNING: This video shows the reality and horror of war and should only be viewed by a mature audience. Parental discretion is advised.
This video was created for the sole purpose of educating those not aware of the horrors that occured in Kosova during the years of 1998-1999. This is a non-profit project.

NYOutHouse said:
This may be one of the West's greatest coverups.

Don't give me that kind of crap. Research assistant to your article is Peter North.

arianit said...

Correct Fatos! That seemed rubbish. Although I thoroughly enjoy some of Mr. North's earlier works.

NYoutlawyer said...

Fatso, your kosovo evidence, is NO evidence. It is pure albaniac propoganda. What is the proof of it's authenticity?

NYoutlawyer said...

A video showing kosovo war atrocities produced by "albaniac videos", is hardly an inpartial source. The bodies displayed may very well be victims of NATO bombs. Alternate reports, besides NATO's and kla's, is surfacing. Let's see what is the truth.

betabe said...

Well it seems that nyoutlawyer is competent to decide what is what. Sleep well my friend, as you're actually sleeping.

Note: The photographs detail the savage atrocities inflicted on the Albanian citizens of Kosovo; viewers will find them extremely distressing.

Wake up, I guess NATO pilots shot and targeted albanian children and pregnant mothers.
This pictures were taken 7 years ago, whereas this year Serbian PM awardes serbian mothers who have more than 4 children. That's the person who will go at UN Security Council to provide arguments why Kosova should remain under Serbian sovereignty.

"I have to say another story,
My grandmother who died on 1994 when she was 103 years old, was born on 1981 near Prishtina (some of you will say that there were no albanians in Kosova 100 years ago) used to tell me different stories from the first world war, balkanian wars, second world war. I remember when she said that when Serbian solders entered in her village, they killed many Albanians, however two of them found a pregnant albanian mother. This was enough for them to bet, one of them said that she had a boy and the other one said that she had a son. Therefore they bet, and they started the usual procedure to find out who won the bet. They used a knife to open her stomach and to check. They left her like that."
I will forward this stories to my grandsons also, but I will have to add some pictures, whose links are provided here also. People especially my grandchildrens must know who the barbarians are.

Wake up my friend

NYoutlawyer said...

NATO bombers flying at high altitudes can hardly distinguish between Serbians or Albaniacs. Understand?

NYoutlawyer said...

bet, everyone in the Balkans has stories like that to pass down generation to generation. No such thing as albaniacs are good and serbians are bad. Pretty much the same kettle of fish, they're all primitive and fucked up.