Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Macedonia PM admits poll defeat

Macedonia PM admits poll defeat
Macedonian Prime Minister Vlado Buckovski has conceded victory to the main nationalist opposition party in the general election.
His Social Democrat-led coalition was trailing the VMRO-DPMNE party with more than a third of the votes counted.

Voting on Wednesday passed off relatively peacefully, despite violence during the campaign.

The vote was being seen as an important indicator as to how quickly Macedonia will be able to join the EU.

"The opposition got the most votes and support of the citizens," Mr Buckovski said, adding that he had telephoned leader Nikola Gruevski to congratulate him.

We have to form a government quickly and to focus on what we have promised our citizens
Nikola Gruevski
"But Macedonia is the main winner as the citizens showed that they could vote in free and fair elections," he added.

"We want to tell the citizens that we'll be in the parliament to continue to work for Macedonia to be part of the EU integration."

Mr Buckovski's speech - coming an hour after VMRO-DPMNE declared itself the winner - answered the EU's call for a clear and prompt result.

'Work waiting'

With 36% of the ballots counted, the VMRO-DPMNE party had secured 33% of the vote with Mr Buckovski's Social Democratic Union (SDSM) taking 24%.

At a victory rally in the capital Skopje, Mr Gruevski, the former finance minister, said: "The citizens of Macedonia showed their maturity and made the right decision."

But he warned his supporters that after the celebrations, "work is waiting for us".

"Macedonia lost a lot of time in the last 15 years of transition. We have to form a government quickly and to focus on what we have promised our citizens."

Some 1.7 million people were eligible to vote in what was Macedonia's fourth general election since gaining independence in 1991.

Extra police had bee deployed following violence, mainly within the ethnic Albanian community, during the election campaign.

But while voting appeared to pass off relatively peacefully, the electoral commission did report some irregularities throughout the day.

Ballot-stuffing was reported at a couple of polling stations near the town of Tetovo, and there was an attempt to start a fire at one polling station in Skopje, which was quickly brought under control.

The EU had warned that future membership of the union could be severely delayed if there was serious trouble on polling day.

Macedonia was granted EU candidate status in December 2005.


Kristian said...

To: Ivan

Let me remind you that after the "evil"Serb forces left Kosovo and Metohija, you have killed more than 3000 Serbian civilians, destroyed more than 100 churhces and the 200 thousand that are seeking shelter in Serbia still do not dare to come back to their homes in Kosovo and Metohija.

Yes the 3000 figure??? Please do provide a source.

100 churches destroyed??? Please provide a source.

Based on the bishops assessment and NGO's-- that is not true. And when you say destroyed are we talking like turned into rubble or are you combining DESECRATED churches with ones that were actually destroyed. There is a big difference there! Be a little clearer then that. Bc the bishop has stated that there weren't 100 churches destroyed. Even belgrade media and Milo reported such inacurate falshoods which were proven wrong by NGO's and the serbian Bishop in Kosovo/a!

In other words please give us a reliable source that defines what you are exactly talking about and in what way they were damaged, desecrated, or destroyed! and please leave the exageration where it belongs!

Also out of the "200k" which is a number that is debatable which experts have given a much lower number. (If you want the reference it was an article posted by another blogger here and we already went through that discussion a while back. It was a german publication)


Also why are serbs from serbia proper mistreating these individuals and their children. Kosovoan serbs are treated as foreigners in serbia proper. That have inadequate facilities to live in. They live in dwellings that do not have running water nor proper shelter. Their children are chastized by the local children as being "albanian serbs" in schools or neighborhoods.


And every census taken thus far by the Belgrade agency has shown that the main reason IDI's do not want to return to Kosovo/a is bc of economics more so then fear! What individual would be stupid enough to go back to a place where they will not have a job??????????

So stop playing the Fear or Hatred card and talk about reality. Ppl will not go back unless there is something that will benefit them. Even if the govt builds them a new house so freaken what! No job no income no income no food to feed yourself!


Wake up Ivan and talk about the truth and not made up events to stir hatred and emotional strife amongst our ppl's.

Peace to all!

ivan said...


"Yes the 3000 figure??? Please do provide a source."Go to any Serbian missing persons site and you will see the source. According to your logic, then please prove to me that actually 10 thousand albanians have been killed by Serbian forces. Or out of those 10 thousand, how many were UCK terrorists? Or how many have been killed by the UCK terrorists.

As for the 100 Churches, the Serbian Orthodox Church keeps a list of those churches. I posted to you the site some time ago.

"Also out of the "200k" which is a number that is debatable which experts have given a much lower number"

The 200K are registered in Serbia as refugees from Kosovo. These ar enot only Serbs, but Romas, Bosniaks, and other non albanians that are seeking shelter in Serbia.


Kristian get a grip of yourself. Yes evil serbs are killing now refugee babies for fun. Come on, cut the bs. Luckily majority of the refugees have integrated themselves into Serbia, either because they have family in Serbia, or because they were able to find a job. But they still dont own their own roof over the head, because their houses are either destroyed, occupied by your fellow albanians, or its been renovated but if they go back the only freedom of movement they will have is within the house itself.

Kristian you claim that these people can not come back to kosovo and Metohija, because they dont have jobs. But these people lived in Kosovo and Metohija before 1999, they were able to live over there and they had jobs over there. A farmer is a job. A butcher is a job, who is independant of the governement that is in place. OR they worked in Pristina, but apparently they cant work in Pristina. Where did all these jobs go Kristian? I mean Serbs leave, and all of a sudden all the jobs disappeared?

The job theory is unfortinately not valid. The real reason why they cant go back is due to the security of their own lives.

To support this fact, I talked to a Kosovo albanian girl in Germany. We became quite good friends, and we talked a lot about Kosovo and Metohija. When I told her that I would really like to visit Pristina, she told me that I must be crazy. She told me that she was there months ago, and the hate the people have towards serbs is unbelievable. She told me that I wouldnt come back alive. Kristian these are the words from your fellow Kosovo albanian, who by the way is a muslim as well.

So if i cant even visit Pristina, how do you expect all those Serbs to come back and live under this constatn fear?

Wake up Kristian, Kosovo is far away from Austria, culture and stanrd vise. Belgrade is far away as well, but at least you can walk in Belgrade no matter what nationality you are and you dont have to fear for your life.

NYoutlawyer said...

I would never go to kosovo, too f'ing unsafe for me. Maybe even Mitrovicka picka would shoot me. Or turn me into a prostitute. I am very sexy though. Well, I do have Serbian blood afterall.

arianit said...

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Fatos said...

I think this predates even Peter North and Ron Jeremy. One other thing Serbs are first (and I guess good) at - self-anus-bottle-sticking :).

NYoutlawyer said...

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Fatos said...

In the modern world there is a new word in the dictionary - MORALS, which Serbs won't understand for the next 45 years or so - when they join the EU.

NYoutlawyer said...

Right, morals. Like wife beating, white slavery, drug trafficing, gun running, etc., etc. But if an albaniac girl fucks before marriage, it's OK to kill her because she shamed the family.

You can keep those fucked up albaniac morals fatso.

Fatos said...

I apologize Nyoutlawyer, I totally thought you were talking about Albanians and not Serbs - it happens.