Thursday, December 09, 2004

Statement from the NATO meeting about Kosova

Kosovo has entered a critical period in its evolution. We urge all of Kosovo’s communities to participate in its institutions and to take their share of responsibility for building a better, common future. Kosovo, and especially the Provisional Institutions of Self-Government, must make concrete progress to meet the standards set out by the international community; this progress will be reviewed next year. As the security environment remains fragile, we have agreed that KFOR will maintain its operational capabilities until we assess that improved security and political circumstances allow for change. A robust KFOR will continue to contribute effectively to a secure, stable and multi-ethnic Kosovo on the basis of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244. We will also continue to cooperate closely with other actors from the international community, in particular UNMIK, the OSCE and the European Union. We agree that NATO should remain engaged not only operationally in the region, but politically as well, including through participation in the Contact Group Plus.

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