Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Albanian ex-premier backs EU entry for independent Kosovo

During a one-day visit to Kosova [Kosovo] LSI [Socialist for Integration Movement] Chairman Ilir Meta had a meeting with Kosova Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj. Meta and Haradinaj exchanged views on the political situation in Kosova and Albania.

LSI Chairman Meta expressed his confidence that the Kosova government would make clear progress in fulfilling the standards and Kosova's integration into Europe. After the meeting, Meta and Haradinaj gave a joint news conference. Addressing the conference, Kosova Prime Minister Haradinaj said the meeting was in the framework of continuous cooperation over recent years and that the goal of this cooperation is to deepen and strengthen relations between Kosova and Albania, and further take the integration of the two countries into Europe.

Meta said the LSI strongly supports the transformation and reform process in Kosova so that this country could become a member of the EU. He said: "Strengthening the capacities for self-governance and fulfilling the standards for multi-ethnic cohabitation will accelerate the process towards Kosova's European independence." Meta expressed his wish that Kosova and its institutions would have a good year in terms of attaining these objectives.

During his visit to Kosova LSI Chairman Meta also had a special meeting with PDK [Democratic Party of Kosovo] Chairman Hashim Thaci. Meta and Thaci exchanged views on the latest political developments in Kosova and Albania. Meta emphasized the special importance of the opposition for the consolidation of the institutions and the normal functioning of democracy. He wished the PDK success in attaining its political objectives for building a European Kosova.

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