Thursday, December 02, 2004

Haradinaj: We will make Kosovo a state for all its citizens (Zëri)

Zëri carries an interview with prime minister candidate Ramush Haradinaj one day before the package vote in the Assembly. (Excerpts)

‘Over the last five and a half years we have been working to gain the necessary arguments for Kosovo to be governed by Kosovars. What we have achieved in Kosovo through the agreement for a coalition government without any help from anybody is a success for Kosovo. I am deeply convinced that all the hesitations or reservations that could have existed about this coalition, which in some cases were exaggerated, will be removed by the work that the Kosovo institutions will do,’ Haradinaj said.

I can say that with the LDK we have reached an agreement on our programmes for making the state of Kosovo, internationally recognized and for organization of responsibilities and governance in Kosovo.

Asked to comment on voices that he betrayed the values of the KLA, Haradinaj said that he has heard these accusations and that his response is that he is working for Kosovo and will continue to do so. Let the others speak, Haradinaj said.

I believe in the candidates [for ministers], in their qualities, in their political experience and especially in their willingness for hard work.

I reconfirm the readiness of Kosovo and its institutions to firstly build up genuine justice in Kosovo, and to co-operate with international institutions of justice. The institutions of Kosovo have expressed their willingness to cooperate with the ICTY too, and as you know, I have fulfilled my obligation to justice, so I do not have any obstacle to continue work, to advance processes and prepare Kosovo for the solution of its final status, that is, to succeed in the implementation of the standards for Kosovo.

‘I am convinced that three years from now, when the mandate of these institutions will have concluded, those who have opinions of various kinds today about these institutions, will see that they have not been right’, said Haradinaj.

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