Saturday, October 16, 2004


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KosovaReport said...

Anti-americanism in Greece is very strong.

According to a survey carried out in 60 countries through a company called
TNS ICAP in collaboration with the Gallup International Association, Greece
is the second country in the world where the majority of the citizens has a
negative impression of the United States of America.

Switzerland ranks in the first place with 68%, and it is followed by Uruguay
and Greece with 63%, Egypt with 60% and Indonesia with 59%.

According to today's daily newspaper of Athens, ETHNOS, seven out of 10
Greeks are against the war in Iraq, and believe that the American foreign
policy has negative influence on Greece.

The same way, 8 out of 10 citizens in Greece think that the role of the US
for peace in the world is not a positive one and that the Americans do not
contribute into fighting poverty or protecting the environment. 68% of the
Greeks are opposed to the war against terrorism that the U.S. has embarked,
and 57% consider the role that the Americans play in the development of the
world economy as negative.

The countries that register the highest percentage in support to the U.S.
are Albania with 95%, Kosovo with 89%, Israel with 84% and Afghanistan with