Wednesday, October 20, 2004


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KosovaReport said...

NATO will send to United Nations-administered Kosovo an itional 2,000 troops to ensure better control over the Serbian province during the provincial election to be held in at the weekend, a high ranking NATO representative said Wednesday.

The troops are to remain in the predominantly Albanian province until November 6.

Peace in the restless province is guarded by KFOR, the 18,000-strong NATO-led force.

Some 800 Italian military, parachutists of the Folgore brigade and marine infantry military from the San Marco regiment, will be among the additional 2,000 troops and will join the 2,800 Italians who are part of KFOR.

The reinforcement of the troops was rendered necessary after the March outbursts of violence which claimed 19 lives and left over 900 wounded. (ANSA) krc