Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Kosovo premier resigns, protests innocence - full text

Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj speaking at press conference] Firstly, I would like to inform you that I have received an indictment from the Hague tribunal saying that I have been indicted. I am one of the accused, and I just received the indictment officially. I have the indictment here with me, I will not hand it over to you right away. What I would like to say is that I am totally innocent. As a result of this indictment I have handed in my irrevocable resignation from the post of prime minister. I have handed the resignation to Kosovo President Ibrahim Rugova, Kosovo assembly Speaker Nexhat Daci and the Kosovo government. We have just come out of the meeting. I have thanked everyone for the good job we have done up until now. I have asked my colleagues in the government to continue the work based on the Kosovo constitution. The deputy prime minister [Adem Salihaj] is continuing the work. I have asked my party, the Alliance for the Future of Kosova [Kosovo], to name a new candidate for the post of prime minister. The candidate is Bajram Kosumi, whom I hope the Kosovo Assembly will back. I will leave tomorrow for The Hague. I will take some vacation time. There is a sentence here which I will not read out, I am sorry, someone is going to photocopy and hand it out to you. I thank you all for your cooperation. Are there any questions?

[Question] A message for the people of Kosovo?

[Haradinaj] To continue with the work to build statehood and independence for Kosovo. I would also like to add that I have thanked UNMIK chief Soeren Jessen-Petersen for the good work he has done in Kosovo and which he is continuing to do. I would also like to thank Kfor Commander Gen Yves de Kermabon for the work done in Kosovo. I do not think this is a step back for Kosovo. It is interference, it is political bargaining. But our politics favour building our statehood and I am certain there is no one who can stop us on our path toward independence. I believe in the people that are going to continue the job and I believe in the people of Kosovo.

[Question] Political bargain, can we know what is being bargained?

[Haradinaj] I will explain when I get additional information.

[Question] Mr Haradinaj, what exactly are the indictments raised by the Hague tribunal?

[Haradinaj] To tell you the truth, I have not read them. After I read them, I will give a more thorough answer.

[Question] What consequences will this decision bring for Kosovo?

[Haradinaj] I believe there will be no consequences. It is interference in our work. It is a slight difficulty in our work. But we here in Kosovo believe in our political will and our path, and I believe that we are going to fulfil our aim for Kosovo's independence and there is nothing that will deter us from that path. Whatever the price or the sacrifice, we have been on this path for many years and we will continue on it.

[Question] Mr Haradinaj, haven't you and your family paid enough for Kosovo's freedom? Was this necessary?

[Haradinaj] I believe that there is no price for freedom and it is never too high. We will continue on the path of freedom and the path of our statehood. And I believe that this is simply another obligation for me, another day for me. I have faced some difficult days for Kosovo and these are welcome.

[Question] Who else has been indicted?

[Haradinaj] As I said, I have not read the indictment, when I find out I will inform you.

[Question] Mr Haradinaj, how do you explain the fact that this indictment comes so late? And the second question - do you have guarantees to be released on bail?

[Haradinaj] To tell you the truth, I have not entered into any such bargains. Many things are clear to me, interference in Kosovo is at stake here. It is a [word indistinct] aim that this interference should be transformed into work and success for Kosovo. And it should not be otherwise. As I said before, I am taking some days off, regardless of how long it has to be. I am certain that things will go well in Kosovo.

[Question] Do you think that the Hague tribunal can bring a verdict of not guilty?

[Haradinaj] I do not think about that, be as it may, I said before that we have fluctuations in the principles of justice in many aspects. But this is frivolous in comparison with the work for statehood in Kosovo. Many of my friends are not alive toady; they would have loved to have a [word indistinct] fate, whether taking days off or working. I will say again that we will continue with all our strength toward the path of independence. The international community would do well to speed up the recognition of Kosovo's independence. Work has been carried out and Kosovo society has proved its democratic orientation and that ethnic tolerance exists.

And with the fulfilment of Standards, the recognition of Kosovo's independence should be speeded up. If I have a request for the international community it is to speed up the recognition of Kosovo's independence. Do it in a timely fashion.

Thank you.

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