Monday, March 28, 2005

Sheet with names of crime suspects placed in front of UNMIK HQ

Outraged by the fact that local and international authorities are not seriously addressing the issue of missing persons and arrest of suspects for the massacre of 122 Albanians in Krusha e Madhe in 1999, activists of March 26th Association with the support of the Kosovo Action Network have placed in front of UNMIK headquarters in Prishtina a white sheet with the names of crime suspects for the massacre. The list includes 56 names of those allegedly responsible for carrying out and participating in the massacre in 1999.

Agron Limani, leader of March 26th Association, told Koha Ditore that villagers of Krusha e Vogel even know the names of those that carried out the massacre. ‘However, nothing has been done to punish or prosecute any of them,’ he added.

Limani also said that Krusha e Vogel provided sufficient evidence to UNMIK Pillar I to file an indictment against the perpetrators of the massacre, but added this hasn’t happened so far. In his opinion, justice in Kosovo has failed and for this UNMIK and Pillar I bear the greatest share of responsibility.

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