Thursday, March 31, 2005

Kosovo's Negotiating team in April? (Express)

Express reports on the front page that by the end of April a group that will handle the issue of Kosovo’s status is expected to be formed. According to the paper, the group will include members from various political parties and will be voted by the Kosovo Assembly.

‘I have voiced my concept – so that we can be joined together come the end of April. This is my personal opinion, but a consensus must be reached between partners in the government and the opposition. And the Assembly must decide on these issues,’ Kosovo Assembly Speaker Nexhat Daci told the paper.

Daci said he has promised international representatives that Kosovars would not disappoint them and would not be divided as in Rambouillet. ‘My opinion is to create an institutional unity and to agree for all issues. I believe that such a formula will be found. I say with great responsibility that Kosovo and Kosovars are not a property of the government or opposition,’ he added.

The paper reports that even the opposition is supporting the idea of appointing a negotiating team by the end of April. The Kosovo Democratic Party (PDK) thinks it is best to appoint the group as soon as possible. ‘It is certainly good for this to happen as soon as possible. Otherwise, in case of delays, Kosovo will face realities and political facts that wouldn’t be created by Kosovars,’ said PDK deputy leader Enver Hoxhaj.

‘The Kosovo Assembly reflects the unity of Kosovo citizens and is the only forum that should shape this mechanism or council. But I also think that this team should also include respected people from outside institutions,’ said Hoxhaj, adding that Kosovo Albanians should create without any delays a political and united platform for the issue of status.

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