Wednesday, March 30, 2005

New Kosovo premier says ready to visit Belgrade

Text of report by Kosovo Albanian television KohaVision TV on 29 March

[Announcer] Good evening, this is the main KohaVision news bulletin. After the first meeting of the new government, Kosova [Kosovo] Prime Minister Bajram Kosumi has said that he is ready to visit Belgrade, but not before Tirana. Kosumi also responded to opposition criticism.

[Reporter] Prime Minister Bajram Kosumi expressed his readiness to visit the Serbian capital. According to him, this visit could take place during his mandate as prime minister.

[Bajram Kosumi] After the war in Kosova, in the first meeting I had with a diplomat, whose name I will not disclose - you may take into account the situation after the war and the nervousness - I said that while in politics I wish to see the day when I sit at the same table with representatives of the Serbian government where on one side there would be a Serbian flag and on the other the Kosova flag.

[Reporter] Kosumi reiterated that his first visit abroad would be Tirana. Speaking about opposition accusations that some ministers were involved in criminal activities that were made public several days ago, Kosumi said:

[Kosumi] While I was listening to the statements and declarations of the assembly deputies, all the time in my mind I had one request - let us do our job and then you will see how we do our job.

[Reporter] After the first meeting of the new government the premier thanked the ministers for their work over the last four months. He also thanked municipal mayors who, according to him, did a great job in fulfilling the Standards.

[Kosumi] We really saw a unique and successful teamwork, an example of leadership, and I wish to publicly thank all the Kosova municipal mayors. They did an excellent job in recent weeks. I thank the minister of local government, Mr Lutfi Haziri, and the Association of Municipalities that was also involved in this process.

Source: KohaVision TV, Pristina, in Albanian 1800 gmt 29 Mar 05

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