Thursday, March 31, 2005

Members of KTA Board in Kosovo Agree on 5th Privatisation Round

PRISTINA – The members of the KTA Board agreed today that they were happy if DSRSG Ruecker launched the 5th privatisation round. In its first meeting after 15 months, the members of the board expressed their wish for a speedy continuation of the privatisation process.

After discussions on current technical issues regarding the legal status of the KTA, Deputy Managing Director Ahmet Shala presented results of the 3rd and 4th privatisation round. As to the 5th round, Shala explained that KTA prepared 15 Socially Owned Enterprises to be privatised, which have been transformed into 30 “NewCos” (new companies).

KTA official Ilir Salihu introduced to the members of the board a report on the progress of the Publicly Owned Enterprises Incorporation Project. “Immediate actions are needed in order to proceed with the next phase of incorporation”, said Salihu. These actions include approval of the restructuring plans for PTK and Pristina Airport. The members of the board welcomed the report.

Addressing the press, DSRSG Ruecker announced to launch the 5th privatisation round in April. He also said that he will sign and ratify the majority of contracts of the 4th round within the next ten days. The Minister of Economy and Finance, Haki Shatri said: “The climate has changed regarding privatisation and also incorporation. This meeting has put into movement many things, as for example the 5th privatisation round.” Minister Dugolli also expressed his satisfaction with the meeting and called it “successful”.

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