Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Before the March riots anniversary, persons wanting to destabilise Kosovo entered it

Head of KPS Criminal Police Directorate Col. Rrahman Sulejmani, in an interview for Zëri, notes that there are many circles that want to destabilize Kosovo ahead of final status definition.

‘Different circles who are not interested to see stability in Kosovo have launched a special war precisely on the anniversary of March riots with the aim of obstructing ongoing processes in the year that could be decisive for Kosovo in may ways’, states Sulejmani.

KPS official also says that many things have changed since the March of last year and with the arrival of the new UNMIK police commissioner, even the strategy of managing similar events has changed. He stresses that the police will no longer stay passive but will respond and undertake necessary measures to calm any given situation.

Asked who are the people who came to Kosovo in the recent days to ‘cause troubles’, Sulejmani says that their names are known to the police. ‘They fled after the March riots’, says KPS Colonel adding that international arrest warrants have been issued against some of these individuals.

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