Wednesday, October 11, 2006

UCK war associations say "sovereign" Kosovo is only acceptable solution

Excerpt from report by Kosovo Albanian Kosovapress news agency website

Prishtina [Pristina], 6 October: "We will never accept from anyone any solution but Kosova [Kosovo] as a sovereign and integral state. This is our debt to the nation. It is our obligation and duty to all those who gave their lives for the fatherland," Faik Fazliu, chairman of the UCK [Kosovo Liberation Army] Organization of War Veterans [OVL], said today at a press conference.

He said that the war associations had released a statement addressed to the people of Kosova, the Assembly, the government, the Unity [negotiation] Team, the offices of the Quint [United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, and France], UNMIK [UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo], and the UN secretary general, and their own members. He went on to say that the international community, as well as the Albanian factor, was playing games with our will and fate.

"A national tragedy is about to happen - this time with the blessing of our supposedly elected representatives. Therefore, it is our patriotic duty to inform you that we are against any actions that could lead to new bloodshed in Kosova. The games that are being played with the political status of Kosova at the expense of our people by our naive and corrupt Albanian politicians and certain quarters of the international community point to the fact that new bloodshed is being prepared. Our duty is to tell the people about this situation so that they are warned about it in time," he said.

Fazliu said that the biggest misfortune is that the Unity Team includes individuals who had always believed that they could convince Serbia to accept the independence of Kosova voluntarily in the spirit of the Helsinki Final Act.

"While these big mouths have been talking about dialogue on independence, Serbia has adopted the new constitution, defining Kosova as part of Serbia. That is how the United Nations and the UN Security Council see Kosova in Serbia's new application for its third UN membership. At this critical stage, many developments regarding the sovereignty and integrity of Albanian lands are taking place, supposedly under the supervision of the international factor. Furthermore, the Albanian factor is proud of its cooperativeness with this factor, even though, to this day, almost half of Kosova is administered by Serbia," Fazliu said.

Elsewhere, Xhavit Jashari, chairman of the UCK Martyrs' Families Association [ShFD], said that the servility of the Kosova Government was unprecedented, as it cared more about the interests of those who were trying to destroy Kosova than about the interests of the people.

"A government that is more concerned about party interests cannot be a national or people's government because it is not working for, or thinking about the future of Kosova or taking care of its interests. It is only looking after the interests of the parties that form it. No one throughout history has been able to play games with the Albanian people in the interests of the powerful. The history of the creation of nations and states to date has shown this," he said.

He said that UNMIK had taken advantage of the lack of respect for the liberation war and the Kosova Provisional Government and had overstepped its authority of international supervision for its own ends and that, with its games, it had been destroying Kosova's assets.

"The Albanian people see the UNMIK staff with suspicion and as an enemy, not as an instrument for establishing a democratic system. There are so many instances of abuse by this institution, in collusion with the servile Albanian factor - abuses that have been very detrimental to Kosova - that the people today see UNMIK as the most hated invader of Albanian lands," he said, accusing UNMIK of ignoring the values of the UCK war. [Passage omitted]

Source: Kosovapress news agency website, Pristina, in Albanian 6 Oct 06

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