Thursday, October 12, 2006

Çeku asks Great Britain support for creation of a Kosovo Defence Force (Dailies)

Daily newspapers and TV broadcast report that in his meetings with British officials in London, the Kosovo Prime Minister Agim Çeku has called for Great Britain’s support for the creation of the Kosovo Defence Force. In the same meeting, the Kosovo PM also emphasised the importance of having a decision on Kosovo’s final status in 2006.

Koha Ditore notes that a press release issued by the Prime Minister’s Office said that the British Defence Minister Adam Ingram has agreed that delays in the resolution of status are in no one’s interest. Ingram has confirmed that Great Britain will not leave Kosovo and added that the British Army will help in the creation of the Kosovo Defence Force.

The paper also notes that Çeku and Ingram agreed that the situation in Kosovo was on the positive path of creating a climate of trust between the communities and that the security situation is at a satisfactory level.

Epoka e Re quotes Çeku on the front page as saying that independence is the only solution that would stabilise Kosovo and the region. “The commitment of Great Britain is a precious contribution to peace and security in Kosovo and the region, and we welcome the engagement and the commitment of the British Government for a continuous presence in Kosovo, with special emphasis in building the defence force of Kosovo,” Çeku added.

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