Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Kosovo’s status resolution timeline to be known after half of November

Zëri reports on the front page that, as was expected, Ahtisaari’s meeting with Contact Group diplomats in Vienna discussed the inevitable topic of the timeline for UNOSEK to conclude its work on the issue of Kosovo. An opinion that reportedly prevailed in the discussions was that Ahtisaari should not change the pace of his work or his agenda. This implies, adds the paper, that Ahtisaari and his team will continue with the pace of completing their package by mid November, and then present it to Pristina and Belgrade.

Zëri notes that according to this plan, Ahtisaari would go to the United Nations Security Council in late November or early December to present his offer and to seek support for his proposal. If there is agreement on Ahtisaari’s proposal (at least 9 out of 15 members of the Security Council must be in support, and none of the member should be against or use the right of veto), then the issue of Kosovo would be concluded.

The paper cites Western diplomatic sources as saying that the crucial moment for the timeline for resolving the issue of Kosovo will happen along with Contact Group’s meeting with Ahtisaari at the level of political directors. In that meeting the decision will be made on Ahtisaari’s and the Contact Group’s final responsibility if in the meantime the Serbian leadership organises early parliamentary and presidential elections in December this year.