Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Macedonian premier asks Albania's help for border delineation with Kosovo

The relations between Albania and Macedonia are a positive example for all the countries of the region. Such a relationship is important for putting an end to the region's conflict-ridden past, and for opening the way to the cooperation and integration into Europe. Following his appointment as new head of the Macedonian Government, Vlado Buckovski decided to begin his foreign visits' agenda with a trip to Albania.

The further expansion of the cooperation in the economic, military and police fields was the main topic of the talks between the prime ministers of Albania and Macedonia. They expressed, in particular, their appreciation about the cooperation in the framework of the Adriatic Charter through which Albania and Macedonia expect to be invited to the next NATO summit and be admitted into the membership of the north Atlantic alliance.

Speaking at a news conference the two prime ministers described 2005 as the year of the economic cooperation.

[Albanian Premier Fatos Nano] The commissions of the economic and trade cooperation, and the water commissions will hold their meetings shortly. The economy ministers and the chambers of trade will organize joint activities aimed at the intensification of the exchanges between the two countries in the framework of the free trade agreement.

[Announcer] Buckovski said that the signing of the agreement on Ambo oil pipeline project is a symbolic indication showing that after many years the implementation of Corridor 8 [regional project] is becoming a reality. To this end during this year we will cooperate closely on the improvement of the infrastructure in the framework of this project.

Prime Minister Nano said that the implementation of Oher [Ohrid] Agreement, Kosova [Kosovo], and the dialogue with the other countries of the region are issues, on which they should be rapid progress.

[Nano] I commended and encouraged Prime Minister Buckovski for the continued resolute implementation of Oher Agreement and for continuing the excellent cooperation with [BDI Chairman] Ali Ahmeti. I shared with my colleague similar commitments and assessments about Kosova's stability and the need for the continued successful implementation of the policy of the standards for a status [as heard], promoted by the United States and the EU as a means for determining the final status of Kosova.

We noted with pleasure that our two countries are continuing their dialogue with Belgrade by encouraging the integration of Serbia-Montenegro into the regional cooperation initiatives, which stabilize the region and accelerate the reforms for integration into the Euro-Atlantic structures.

[Announcer] Asked by the journalists Buckovski said that he had asked for Albania's help in the re-delineation of the borderline between Macedonia and Kosova. We asked Albania's help so that the border's delineation begins exactly at the triangle of Albania, Macedonia and Kosova. However, for this we also need the support of UNMIK [UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo], Belgrade and Prishtina [Pristina].

[Nano] We pledged to follow this problem with due attention together in the framework of the gradual solution of all the issues specified in UN Resolution 1244.

[Announcer] Speaking about Albania's recognition of Macedonia's name Prime Minister Nano expressed his commitment to contributing in the international meetings to the solution of this issue.

[Nano] Albania has recognized and respects Macedonia's constitutional name in its direct relations with this country and its representative institutions. We are ready to contribute, as UN member country and in all the international contacts, to the eventual solution of this problem in the UN Security Council framework, because like in the case regarding the demarcation of the point at which our new, open borders meet in the region, we believe that the fewer outstanding issues from the past we have the more secure the stability and prosperity for the Euro-Atlantic integration of our countries and region [as heard].

[Announcer] Albania currently cooperates closely with Macedonia on police, defence and intelligence matters in the framework of the fight against trafficking and the integrated border management for peace and stability in the region.

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