Thursday, January 20, 2005

Kosovo premier says no chance of conflict spilling into Macedonia

Skopje: Kosovo authorities are very interested in the region's and Macedonia's stability, Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj said Thursday [20 January] in an interview with Macedonian TV Telma.

"I am encouraged by the efforts of Macedonian Government and citizens to improve interethnic relations in the country, preparing it for an accession to the European Union and NATO," Haradinaj said.

Asked about a possible conflict in Kosovo during talks on the province's status and its spilling over in Macedonia, Haradinaj said that there was no potential for such developments.

"Kosovo is stable and the situation has been improving. Everybody who visit Kosovo may see that," Haradinaj said.

Speaking about a demarcation of the Macedonia-Serbia/Montenegro border, on Kosovo part, Haradinaj said the matter called for a direct Skopje-Pristina dialogue.

"We are open for good relations with Macedonia and talks on any subject of mutual interest. I hope that the Macedonian Prime Minister will find an opportunity to visit Kosovo," Haradinaj said, adding that Kosovars are ready for both political and business relations with Macedonia.

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